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Day 2 completed

Posted 2012-06-14 GMT-6

Event 25: $1,500 Limit Hold'em Shootout
Day 2 completed

Limit Final Table Set to Shoot it Out

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6 • Level 7
Victor Ramdin is in contention for his first WSOP gold bracelet
Victor Ramdin is in contention for his first WSOP gold bracelet

Well folks, that’s all here on Day 2 of Event 25: $1,500 Limit Hold’em Shootout. Fifty players have been whittled down to just ten and tomorrow will now see a final table fight it out for the $116,118 1st-place prize, all the glory and of course, the World Series of Poker gold bracelet.

At the start of the day, there were ten tables each playing five-handed and the goal was for just one player to remain at each table. The first elimination of the day was Greg Mueller on Table 408 and from there, all of the tables started losing players one-by-one.

Some of the players who succumbed to the rail early in the day include Ari Engel, Mike Leah, Jon Spinks and Tom Hang. The likes of Mike Thorpe, Scott Seiver and JJ Liu managed to last quite a while longer, but couldn’t make it to heads-up play at their tables.

The first player to prevail over his table was Brian Meinders, followed closely by Sean Rice and Matthew Schrieber. At this point, all the tables were down to just two players and half the field would be making their way to the final table. Brock Parker also made quick work of their table, as a few of the tables played slow.

A couple of the players who were part of all the heads-up fun were Justin Bonomo and Victor Ramdin and they happened to be at the same table. Ramdin started the heads-up battle with a chip lead and after a fierce contest of ups and downs, managed to take down the victory.

Quickly after Ramdin's victory, Preston Derden took down the win at his table over Millie Shiu. Christopher Hartman was the next player to win a table and secure a spot in the final ten and after that, only four remained.

It took longer than any of the other tables, but eventually Ian Johns was too strong for Hooman Nikzad and Daniel Walker fell to the might of Darin Thomas. Here's how the final table looks:

Final Table Lineup

Seat Player Chips
1 Darin Thomas 155,500
2 Preston Derden 157,500
3 Christopher Hartman 162,500
4 Victor Ramdin 165,500
5 Brock Parker 164,500
6 Christopher Vitch 162,000
7 Sean Rice 160,000
8 Brian Meinders 162,400
9 Ian Johns 159,000
10 Matthew Schreiber 154,500

Each of the tables today had a slightly different amount of chips on them due to dead stacks and no-shows on Day 1, but as you can see, with the chips so close it is still anyone's game to win. It's all set to kick off at 1:00 PM tomorrow and PokerNews will be there every step of the way to crowning a shootout champion. Don't miss the fun!

Thomas Last To Advance

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6
Darin Thomas - The Last to Advance
Darin Thomas - The Last to Advance

Darin Thomas has become the final player to advance to tomorrow's final table. After getting Daniel Walker down to a short-stack on the previous hand, Walker raised and Thomas snap three-bet. After more raises, Walker got his entire chip stack in the middle holding {K-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}. Thomas was ahead with {A-Clubs}{J-Spades} and hoping to finally end his long drawn out match here.

The flop came down {3-Spades}{10-Hearts}{j-Clubs}, pairing Walker's low card, but pairing Thomas' low card as well. Thomas' pair of jacks was leading and retained that lead through a {4-Hearts} turn and the {7-Clubs} river. Thomas will be taking a stack of 155,500 into play tomorrow.

After the match, Thomas would comment on how stupefied he was that his opponent wanted a dinner break. Thomas was left with only four and a half big bets left and pleaded that he and his opponent finish the match, but his opponent would hear none of it, insisting on a dinner break. Fortunately for Thomas, it all worked out on the end, as he was able to come back after the dinner break and find victory.

Chip Counts
Darin Thomas 155,500 16,500 pos
Daniel Walker Busted

Daniel Almost Walking

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6

Daniel Walker is struggling at the moment. He recently lost a huge portion of his chips to Darin Thomas, courtesy of the following hand. Walker started up the hand by opening the button. Darin Thomas three-bet and a call from Walker would see a flop of {q-Diamonds}{2-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} dealt on the flop. Thomas then proceeded to bet on the flop and each street as a turn ({7-Hearts}) and river ({j-Clubs}) was dealt. Walker called on the flop and turn, but raised it up on the river. Thomas made the call and the two players turned their hands over.

Walker: {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs}
Thomas: {a-Spades}{q-Hearts}

Thomas has Walker outkicked, raking in the pot and leaving Walker crippled.

Chip Counts
Darin Thomas 139,000 24,000 pos
Daniel Walker 18,000 -18,000 neg

Thomas Taking Big Lead

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6

Daniel Walker opened the button and a {2-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{2-Diamonds} flop was spread on the felt. Darin Thomas opted to check on the flop and then called the bet of Walker. When the {k-Spades} turn was dealt, Thomas again checked and Walker bet. This time however, Thomas put in the check-raise. It was enough to scare Walker away as he sent the pot to Thomas. When Thomas mucked his hand, he would fling them face up, showing {q-}{j-} - or better known as queen high.

Chip Counts
Darin Thomas 115,000 55,000 pos
Daniel Walker 36,000 -66,000 neg

Nikzad Nixed; Johns Moves On

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6
Ian Johns Movin' on
Ian Johns Movin' on

Hooman Nikzad had about 17,000 to start the hand and he got all of it in on a flop of {4-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}{10-Diamonds} against Ian Johns. Nikzad held {10-Hearts}{7-Hearts} for top pair and a backdoor flush draw, but was ultimately behind the flopped set of Johns' {5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}.

The {6-Spades} came on fourth and the {9-Hearts} on fifth, allowing Johns to progress to the final table. Nikzad will take home $3,088 for his efforts.

Chip Counts
Ian Johns 159,000 26,000 pos
Hooman Nikzad Busted

Hooman Hurting

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6

Hooman Nizkad is need of some help, with a recent hand seeing him left crippled. Nizkad opened the button and Ian Johns called. Johns then checked in the dark as the dealer spread out a {q-Diamonds}{6-Clubs}{a-Hearts} flop. Nizkad opted to bet and Johns called as a {7-Hearts} landed on the turn. This time both players would check and a {8-Diamonds} would complete the board on the river. This time Johns would lead and and Nizkad call.

When John tabled his {a-Spades}{j-Hearts} it was enough to take down the pot and take a handy lead.

Chip Counts
Ian Johns 133,000 46,000 pos
Hooman Nikzad 28,000 -47,000 neg

Darin Coming Back

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6

Back from dinner and Darin Thomas has managed to gain some chips back off Daniel Walker. A recent hand saw the two players involved in a hand with the board showing {j-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{9-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}. We arrived at the action on the turn and with Walker busy firing off a bet. Thomas made the call and then on the river Walker again bet. Thomas made another call and Walker turned over his {k-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} for king-high. Thomas' {j-Clubs}{5-Spades} was strong enough to take down the pot and edge closer to his opponent's stack.

Chip Counts
Daniel Walker 102,000 -16,000 neg
Darin Thomas 60,000 22,000 pos

Four Players Have Returned

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6 • Level 7

The final four players in today's event have returned from dinner to continue their respective heads up matches.

Level 7 started

Posted 2012-06-13 GMT-6

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Winner Brian Meinders
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Prize 116,118

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