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Updated Chip Counts (Four Remain)

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

Here's how the stacks look as we near the end of the level.

Chip Counts
Yen Dang 1,370,000 -110,000 neg
Jan Howard 803,000 28,000 pos
Debbie Pechac 461,000 36,000 pos
Angela Prada-Moed 293,000 -2,000 neg

Chips for Pechac

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

Debbie Pechac limped in from the small blind, Jan Howard checked from the big blind, and the pair saw the flop come {7-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}. Pechac checked, and after a brief pause Howard pushed out a bet of 40,000. Pechac promptly set out a column of chips for a bet of 110,000, sitting up with a knee in her chair as she did. After about 15 seconds Howard called.

The turn was the {10-Diamonds}, and Pechac — still half-standing with a knee in her chair — immediately declared she was all in. Howard stared at the board for a while, then let her hand go.

Pechac tossed her cards face up across the table as the dealer pushed her the pot, revealing {6-Spades}{4-Clubs} for a straight.

Chip Counts
Jan Howard 775,000
Debbie Pechac 425,000

Small Skirmish for the Short Stacks

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

Debbie Pechac opened from under the gun for 35,000, and it folded to Angela Prada-Moed in the big blind who called. The flop came {5-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}, and when Prada-Moed checked, Pechac fired 75,000, enough to force a fold from Prada-Moed.

We've again entered a relatively quiet period, although with both Pechac and Prada-Moed still short the next all-in could happen at any moment.

Chip Counts
Debbie Pechac 308,000 125,000 pos
Angela Prada-Moed 295,000 -45,000 neg

Updated Chip Counts (Four Remain)

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6
Chip Counts
Yen Dang 1,480,000 -100,000 neg
Jan Howard 890,000 130,000 pos
Angela Prada-Moed 340,000 -36,000 neg
Debbie Pechac 183,000 1,000 pos

Good Turn for Prada-Moed

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

Angela Prada-Moed was just now all in and at risk after open-shoving her stack of 184,000 from the small blind with {10-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} and getting called by Debbie Pechac in the big blind with {5-Diamonds}{5-Hearts}.

The {J-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{6-Spades} flop meant Pechac's fives were still in front, but Prada-Moed had picked up straight outs to go with her two live cards. The dealer then burned a card and dealt the turn... the {7-Hearts}! A straight for Prada-Moed, making the {2-Spades} river no matter.

Chip Counts
Angela Prada-Moed 376,000 194,000 pos
Debbie Pechac 182,000 -38,000 neg

More for Dang, Prada-Moed Sliding

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

In one of the last hands of Level 21, Yen Dang limped in from the small blind, Angela Prada-Moed raised to 29,000 from a seat over, and Dang called.

The flop came {10-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}. Dang checked, and when Prada-Moed bet 36,000, Dang check-raised to 136,000, prompting a fold from Prada-Moed.

As the blinds increase again, Prada-Moed remains on a short stack while Yen Dang increases her lead.

Chip Counts
Yen Dang 1,580,000 78,000 pos
Angela Prada-Moed 182,000 -108,000 neg

Level 22 started


Pechac Doubles Through Howard

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

Shortly after that hand with Yen Dang in which Debbie Pechac lost most of her stack, she has managed to double up through Jan Howard to gain a few back.

Pechac open-pushed her 167,000 from the small blind with {Q-Hearts}{9-Diamonds} and Howard snap-called with {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}. The {3-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}{6-Clubs} flop was no good for Pechac, but the {Q-Clubs} fell on the turn to put her in front, and the {9-Clubs} river meant she'd survived.

Chip Counts
Jan Howard 760,000 -127,000 neg
Debbie Pechac 342,000 182,000 pos

Big Double for Dang, Pechac Short

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6

We've had a huge chip swing here, ending with start-of-day chip leader Debbie Pechac suddenly becoming the short stack with four players left.

The hand began with an under-the-gun raise to 30,000 by Yen Dang. It folded to Pechac in the small blind who made it 100,000 to go, and when it folded back to Dang she reraised again to 350,000. Pechac responded by pushing all in, and Dang — outchipped by Pechac by about 160,000 — called with her remaining stack.

Dang: {A-Hearts}{K-Clubs}
Pechac: {7-Diamonds}{7-Spades}

The flop came {A-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}, pairing Dang. The {A-Diamonds} on the turn then improved Dang to trips. The river brought the {4-Hearts}, and now Dang leads with more than 1.5 million while Pechac is on the short stack.

Chip Counts
Yen Dang 1,502,000 797,000 pos
Debbie Pechac 160,000 -720,000 neg

Howard Catches Pechac

Posted 2012-07-01 GMT-6
Jan Howard
Jan Howard

Debbie Pechac opened for 45,000 from the button and got one caller in Jan Howard from the small blind. The flop came {2-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{5-Hearts}. Howard checked, Pechac bet 50,000, and Howard called. The turn was the {K-Hearts}, and both players checked.

The river brought the {3-Clubs} and a bet of 60,000 from Howard, called by Pechac. Howard turned over {8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}, better than the {7-Clubs}{3-Spades} of Pechac, and with that pot the pair are virtually even for the chip lead.

Chip Counts
Jan Howard 887,000 122,000 pos
Debbie Pechac 880,000 -170,000 neg
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Events List


Winner Yen Dang
Winning Hand ♠Q♠7
Prize 170,587

Level Info

Level 24
Blinds 12,000 / 24,000
Ante 4,000

Players Info

Prize Pool 842,400