ANZPT League finals still up for grabs

Posted at 16:21 2011-09-07

UPDATE: Players "Ringotron" & "Offspring13" used their Wildacard multiplier to fly up the standings in Last wednesday's event where "DistinoIrv" took home top prize, a Sunday Cubed ticket and a spot in the ANZPT Final Sep 28.


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---> Click here to view the complete results and player's use of 2X Wild Card points multiplier 



Event #8Sept 21. 06:00 ET (8 PM Melbourne time*) – $5+$0,5 PL 6-max.


Opt-in to our Wildcard option to double your points in this event.


***EVENT #8 (Wednesday 8pm @PokerStars)


Password now released...HERE @ the ANZPT Forum


Added $50K Sunday Cubed tickets

+$1000 in added cash

+ANZPT Darwin Grand Prize package



Download PokerStars and enter Marketing code "POKERNETWORK" to play in our exclusive PokerNetwork ANZPT League with weekly added Sunday Cubed packages and a Grand Prize Package to ANZPT Darwin to the eventual league winner. All tournaments start at friendly times for those in the Eastern Hemisphere, and they're open to all PokerStars players. 


The PokerNetwork ANZPT League

Catering to players in the Eastern Hemisphere, the PokerNetwork League features both an engaging format and a ton of added value prizes. It begins with weekly league events for eight weeks in a variety of poker formats.
Winners of each league event earn cash, league points, and the first-place finishers gets a free ticket to play in the $50,000 Guaranteed Sunday Cubed Tournament on PokerStars.
  • 1. August 3: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Full Ring
  • 2. August 10: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Turbo
  • 3. August 17: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 PL 6-max 
  • 4. August 24: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Deep Stack Full Ring
  • 5. August 31: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Heads-up
  • 6. Sept 7: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Full Ring
  • 7. Sept 14: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 NL Turbo
  • 8. Sept 21: 2000 AEST - $5+$0,5 PL 6-max
Each tournament has an exclusive password, which will be made available on the day of the tournament on the PokerNetwork ANZPT League forum thread <<<< PASSWORDS
The top 27 players in the league will be manually registered for a PokerNetwork ANZPT League Final on Sept. 28, 2000,  AEST. The prize pool is as follows:
1st. ANZPT Darwin Package (Value to be confirmed)
2nd. $400
3rd. $300
4th. $200
5th. $100

Score More Points

This league is quite unique in that there are some novel ways to score points. Anyone who makes the final table will score anywhere from 1 to 10 points, but will also score an additional point for every tournament played. 
Also, every player can choose one of the final four tournaments (between Aug. 31 and Sept. 21) to be declared a [I]Wild Card Tournament[/I], which will score a player double league points. You need to declare your wild card tournament before it starts in the dedicated ANZPT League forum thread.

About the PokerStars Sunday Cubed

The winner of each league event will also win a ticket to play in the $50,000 Guaranteed Sunday Cubed, which takes place every Sunday at 0500 ET. A cubed tournament is one that has one rebuy and one add-on – three potential buy-ins in total. It is a very popular format, because it bridges the gap between a traditional freeze out and the all-action frenzy of a rebuy tournament. 
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If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System: [email protected] OR post your questions in the ANZPT League Thread: HERE
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