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  Melbourne Poker Championships - James Broom Wins!
Saturday May 24, 2008
by Admin

2008 Melbourne Poker Championships

May 25th 2008 – Day 15
By Tristan Heffernan

131 players entered the final day of competition of the Melbourne Poker Championships to duke it out for the Main Event crown and the $135,000 first prize.

The action was firing from hand one as the short stacks got moving early – three all ins on the first hand resulted in Abraham Ayalon being the first to hit the rail.

Jonathon “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis was among the chip leaders heading into the day but he took a big hit to his stack early on when he doubled up Matthew Kirk.

As play reached the bubble – 63rd would receive a payout of $2,338 – Alan Xerri became a monster chip leader with 440k in chips when his A-A held up against the K-K of qualifier Ben “splug” Peters in by far the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

Steven Dellidis was the bubble boy in shattering circumstances – his Q-Q was all but home against the A-K of Karamalikis until a king hit the river to the roar of the gallery. Dellidis didn’t go home totally empty handed – Tournament Director Jonno Pittock offered up a $100 Crown dinner voucher for the unlucky 64th placed finisher.

Bruno Portaro’s deep run ended in 46th place when his flush draw couldn’t draw out on Peter Apostolou’s top pair. With that pot Apostolou moved to 180k and within striking distance, however he was eliminated not long after in 37th.

Karamalikis was gone in 35th when his A-Q was bettered by Josh Pang Ang’s A-J when a cruel jack on the turn sealed the fate of “xMONSTERxDONGx”, earning $4,342 for his efforts. Pang Ang leapt to 510k with that pot to be back among the chip leaders.

Grant Levy was still going strong, and when his pocket nines held up to eliminate Taner Durust, he was close to 600k and primed for a big finish as chip leader with 26 players remaining at the dinner break.

Mark Waters was also increasing his stack in rapid fashion – first by tripling up with pocket aces, and then taking pocket queens to the chip lead with over 700k

Peter Aristidou exited in 25th place in cruel circumstances when his K-K couldn’t dodge an ace on the river when all in against two opponents holding an ace. Aristidou took home $5,344 for his deep run.

Levy was the next big name to drop in 18th place when his A-T was no match for Phil Siddell’s A-K. Siddell then continued on his merry way when he won a huge race to eliminate John Course and take a commanding chip lead with 1.25m in chips.

When Robert Dimovski was eliminated in 10th the final table was set:

Seat 1: Brendan Edmonds - 313,000
Seat 2: Matthew Taylor - 570,000
Seat 3: Mark Waters - 490,000
Seat 4: Colin Peckover - 807,000
Seat 5: Phillip Siddell - 857,000
Seat 6: Sam Capra - 393,000
Seat 7: Panayotis Flourentzou - 996,000
Seat 8: Alan Xerri - 1,154,000
Seat 9: James Broom - 1,111,000

Waters and Edmonds were the first two to exit, and then Flourentzou moved over 2 million in chips when he eliminated Matthew Taylor in 7th. Short stack Sam Capra then went in 6th when pocket queens were again good to Phil Siddell as the prize money jumps were getting bigger and bigger.

Alan Xerri survived a couple of close calls but was eventually out in 5th when his A-8 couldn’t match the A-Q of James Broom, who built his stack up to 2.7m.

Siddell’s deep run ended in 4th when he was unable to move Broom off A-T with a re-steal with K-3, and his tremendous tournament ended when the board bricked off. Broom then took A-K up against the K-K of Peckover, and when he hit a miracle ace on the river to send Peckover home in 3rd, he took a commanding chip lead into the heads up battle with Flourentzou – 6.1m to 750k.

Flourentzou sucked out early on to double up, however not long after he moved all in on the turn with a pair and a straight draw, only to run into Broom’s club flush and the event was all over!

So at 4.40am, it was James Broom who was finally crowned as the Main Event champion, taking home the first prize of $134,602. Full congratulations go to James and all the final table finishers.

1st James Broom - $134,602
2nd Panayotis Flourentzou - $90,180
3rd Colin Peckover – $62,792
4th Phil Siddell - $48,430
5th Alan Xerri - $36,740
6th Sam Capra - $28,390
7th Matthew Taylor - $21,710
8th Brendan Edmonds - $15,030
9th Mark Waters - $10,688

James Broom – 2008 Melbourne Championships Main Event Winner!

Thanks to everyone who was part of the success of the 2008 Melbourne Poker Championships. A big thank you to Jonno Pittock and his Crown Poker tournament staff for their hard work and hospitality throughout the two weeks. Also thanks to the PokerNews team who worked some long hours to bring a comprehensive live coverage full of blogs, photos and videos – well done guys. Thanks also to the players for hitting the tables in records numbers and making the series so successful.

We look forward to seeing everyone again in August for the Vic Champs!

May 24th 2008 – Day 14
By Tristan Heffernan

Day 14 was home to the second flight of players fighting it out for the Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event crown. A whopping 372 players in this flight means the total entrants for the event reached 668 starters, ensuring 63 players will be paid with first prize a huge $134,602!

2nd place finisher in the 6-max event Gareth Edwards was an early casualty, as were Ali Khalil and Van Marcus. It was Hayden Hape who was off to the early flier, being the first to break through the 40k mark in chips.

The big names continued to fall through the day, with Tino Lechich and Christopher Chronis hitting the rail, as Bruno Portaro was starting to wreak havoc with his opponents and move up amongst the chip leaders.

Approaching the dinner break, it was PokerNetwork’s online qualifier Ben ‘splug’ Peters who took the chip lead at 95k when his set of aces held up in a huge pot against top two pair. He was to be later joined amongst the top by Peng Khoo who tripled up in a huge hand with KK to storm through the 100k barrier.

At the end of the day, 82 players remained, and it was Peng Khoo (128k) who held the chip lead – although he is 50k behind the leaders from yesterday’s flight 1A. Ben Peters (114k) and Quoc Nguyen (102k) were the only other two to have reached six figures, with Hayden Hape (95k) and Peter Aristidou (91k) also enjoying a very good day 1.

131 players will resume action on Sunday at 12.30pm in the quest to take the title and the massive first prize, so make sure you are glued to where the live action will be coming thick and fast as an eventual champion will be crowned!

May 23rd 2008 – Day 13
By Tristan Heffernan

The Championships kicked into another gear on Day 13 as 296 players began their campaign in Flight 1A of the 2008 Melbourne Poker Championships Main Event.

A few big names went by the wayside early in proceedings, including 2006 champ Eric Assadourian, and it was Grant Levy who was off to a great start with some big hands and aggressive play. With a booming rail he was a clear early chip leader and completely running over his table.

Morry Edelstein was the first player to crash through the 100k chip barrier when he cracked an opponent’s pocket aces but dipped back below that mark as the day drew to a close.

The day ended with 19 year old Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis amongst the chip leaders, having knocked out Billy “The Croc” Argyros late in the day’s play. He was joined in the chip lead by Pang Ang, who finished 2nd in the APT Singapore event last year. Other well known players to survive Day 1 include Grant Levy (53k), Jason Gray (49k) and Paul “The Voice” Khoury (45k).

Only 49 players survived the day and will now have a day of rest while Flight 1B runs on Saturday to find out who will join them for a big final day of action on Sunday. A big turn out could see the total field exceed 600 players – leaving a $600,000 plus prize pool to be fought over!

Be sure to keep an eye on all the live action from 12.30pm at and join in the action on the new “Shout Box” feature which has been a total winner so far. See you then!

May 22nd 2008 – Day 12
By Tristan Heffernan

Day 12 of the Championships was an aggressive player’s dream as 246 players tried their luck in Event #11: $550 No Limit Holdem 6-Handed.

The tone for the event was set right away with two big names Reza Vakili and Aleks Lackovic eliminated in the first hand, while Gareth Edwards commenced his run by eliminating Graeme Putt with a flopped straight after straddling under the gun.

The aggressive nature of short handed poker meant players were being knocked out in rapid fashion, with almost 100 players eliminated by the first break.

Peter Aristidou was travelling nicely building a big stack while Sam Higgs was in fine form at the feature table taking the chip lead as the players approached the money.

Gareth Edwards made a rapid charge at the chip lead, taking his short stack and some trash hands into a few big confrontations to take the chip lead as Sam Khouiss was the unlucky bubble boy.

By the time the final table was set, it was Andrew Meldrum and Gareth Edwards with a commanding chip lead over the rest of the field, and it was these two who would battle it out heads up for the title. Meldrum started with a slight chip lead, however Edwards landed the first blow. With Edwards holding a slight lead, his A-J was unable to hold up against the K-J of Meldrum, leaving him desperately short and eliminated moments later.

Congratulations to Andrew Meldrum, the victor in a most entertaining tournament, as well as all other final table finishers.

1st Andrew Meldrum - $30,750
2nd Gareth Edwards - $19,680
3rd Michael Webb - $13,530
4th George Dionissopoulos - $9,840
5th Johan Verkuijl - $7,380
6th Ali Khalil - $4,920

This afternoon we also saw the conclusion of Event #10: $340 No Limit Holdem Teams Event with Joel Feldman and Justin Bernstein combining for the victory.

1st Joel Feldman/Justin Bernstein - $15,825
2nd Oliver Gill/Steve Schulz - $10,761
3rd Paul Arsenis/Donovan Ilic - $7,596
4th Konstandinos Collios/John Tsalazidis - $5,697
5th Hayden Hape/James Honeybone - $4,431
6th Kristian Lunardi/Damian Pradac - $3,798
7th Joey Chang/Rami Safaya - $3,165
8th Ian Porteli/David Beaton - $2,532
9th Brett Oliver/Craig Matthews - $1,899

Tomorrow sees the start of the Main Event with a record field expected to take to the felt. The action kicks off at 12.30pm, so be sure to follow live on

May 21st 2008 - Day 11
By Heath Chick

Day 11 was a busy day in the Crown Poker Room with several events spread throughout the room at various stages of the day.

The main event of the day was Event #9: $5,200 High Stakes Holdem which kicked off at 12:30pm with 70 runners. The cream of Australian poker talent was in the field with every table full of dangerous players and very few soft spots to accumulate chips.

Sam Khouiss was prominent in the chip counts throughout but it was Pang Ang who took a commanding chip lead into the final table. In the end Chris Chronis fell to Sam Youssef in the heads up battle for the title when Youssef had creativity played 23o to flop trip deuces against the A-Q of Chronis. Congratulations to Youssef and all of the final table finishers.

1st Sam Youssef - $105,000
2nd Chris Chronis - $70,000
3rd Pang Ang - $56,000
4th Michael King - $42,000
5th Joseph Humunicki - $29,750
6th Manny Stavropoulos - $21,000
7th Julius Colman - $15,750
8th Sam Khouiss - $10,500

Also today at 4pm we saw the conclusion of Event #8: $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator. Michael Pinzone collected a massive 16 terminator buttons for an extra $1,600 in cash but in the end it was Tim Eduard who collected the button that mattered (the last one!) to capture the trophy and the $15,649 in prize money.

1st Tim Eduard- $15,649
2nd Michael Pinzone - $10,329
3rd Brendon Edmonds - $6,886
4th George Vassilopoulos - $5,008
5th Abel Cabrera - $3,913
6th Nick Janjic - $3,130
7th Paisos Pantanassiotis - $2,504
8th Bryce Tickner - $1,878
9th Marcus Grambau - $1,409
10th Tony Paino - $939

Finally a huge 211 teams of players filled the Crown Poker Room at 7pm for the start of Event #10: $340 No Limit Holdem Teams Event. This was a huge number and by midnight the teams still had not reached the money stage of the event. It’s sure to be a late night for many! We’ll have the complete results for you as soon as they come to hand.

Tomorrow should be another exciting day with the conclusion of the Teams Event as well as the start of Event #11: $550 No Limit Holdem 6 Handed with the action kicking off at 12:30pm.

May 20th 2008 - Day 10
By Tim Duckworth

The feature event of Day 10 saw 313 players compete in Event #8: $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator. The field comprised of many of Australia’s best players including Emad Tahtouh, Eric Assadourian, Julian Powell, Graeme Putt and a handful of others.

With a unique format, barely tested in the Crown poker room before, it allowed for players to accumulate “terminator” buttons when they eliminate a fellow player. At the conclusion of their tournament these terminator buttons could be redeemed for $100 from the prize pool. We saw a lot of interesting action early with the added bonus of the $100 terminator bonus being considered when facing decisions. The action played through until the early hours of the morning when the final table of ten was determined. They will return tomorrow at 4pm to battle it out for the title.

Today we also saw the conclusion of the HORSE tournament. There were 111 entrants in total with the final 8 players receiving prize money. In the end it was Timothy Marsters who took out the title and the $8,325 first place prize!

1st Timothy Marsters - $8,325
2nd Sean Dunwoodie - $6,327
3rd Danny Mountt - $4,995
4th Karsten Kobbingtanabe - $3,663
5th Eric Assadourian - $2,997
6th Peter Mordaunt - $2,664
7th Joe Humunicki $2,331
8th Daniel Friedrich - $1,998

May 19th 2008 - Day 9
By Heath Chick

The feature event of Day 9 saw 111 players compete in Event #7: $340 HORSE. The field featured the cream of Australian poker talent including Billy “The Croc” Argyros, Eric Assadourian, Graeme Putt, Gary Benson, Sam Khouiss, Karib Karib, Duncan McKinnon and Khac Trung Tran.

The deep stacks and limit format ensured that it would be several hours before we lost our first player but as the blinds increased into the evening, the players started to drop away slowly. By midnight 70 players were still alive in the field, with the final table not determined until the early hours of the morning.

This evening we also saw a capacity field of 90 players sit down at the computerized PokerPro tables for Event #6: $115 PokerPro Deepstack No Limit Holdem Event. The final results were as follows:

1st Ben Mateljan - $2,520
2nd Michael Kloos - $1,710
3rd James Mcdougall - $1,260
4th Leigh Warne - $990
5th Simon Anderson - $810
6th David Slater - $630
7th Dom Italiano - $495
8th Paul Jowett - $360
9th Damion Drapac - $225

May 18th 2008 - Day 8
By Brendan Duffy & Heath Chick

The longest day of the Melbourne Championships so far, came to an end just before 1am with Jacob Flasterstein hoisting the title in Event#5: $230 No Limit Holdem $100k Guaranteed.

The action yesterday got underway at 12:30pm with 224 players making their way through the three day 1 flights to battle it out for the title. There were some high profile players in the second day line-up including Sam Khouiss, Karib Karib, Paul Khoury, Dom Italiano, Antonio Casale, and Mick "The Hoon" Stanton, to name a few.

A lot of those high profile players were lost in the fast and furious action early on and with the blinds rising every half hour, there was no shortage of action throughout the day. The money bubble burst around 5:00pm in the afternoon with Russell Watkins bubbling.

In all 80 players received prize money and the final table placing and pay-outs were as follows:

1st Jacob Flasterstein - $36,000
2nd Nigel Brown - $22,500
3rd Spencer Anderson - $16,200
4th Shane King - $12,960
5th Mario Doria - $10,080
6th Colin Rich - $9,000
7th Gavin Massie - $7,200
8th Sik Wha Chan - $5,400
9th Tate Morgan - $3,600

This evening we also saw one of the feature events of the Championships get underway with the $100k Sit & Go Challenge. Ten players put up $10,000 each in a “winner takes all format”, however this event proved to be so popular that a second separate sit & go table was also held.

The feature table kicked off at 6:10pm and saw the early eliminations of Leo Boxell, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, and Michael “Sticky” Guttman with the final three players of Peter Aristidou, Mark Ericksen and Crown competition winner Gunter Lang. Arisitidou held the chip lead when a deal was reached, but was the next to be eliminated, leaving Ericksen and Lang to battle it out for the title. Ericksen held a commanding chip lead and despite Lang doubling up many times as the short stack he eventually succumbed leaving Mark Ericksen as the winner of the first $100k Challenge.

The second table kicked off at 8:10pm featuring the likes of Graeme Putt, Jamie Pickering, Julian Powell and Sam Khouiss. Once again a three-way deal was discussed before Richard Holmes bowed out in third place, leaving David Steicke and Reza Vakili to fight it out for the title. Steicke held the early lead but Vakili came through in the end to win the second $100k Challenge!

Such was the popularity of this event there have been whispers that a third $100k Challenge may be held during the coming week!

Day 9 will feature two Championship events – the Event #6: $115 PokerPro Deepstack No Limit Holdem and Event #7: $340 HORSE. If you can’t get to Crown to follow the action, stay tuned to PokerNetwork for full event recaps.

May 17th 2008 - Day 7
By Brendan Duffy

Exactly 200 players hit the felt on Day 1C of Event#5: $230 No Limit Holdem $100k Guaranteed. Today was the repechage day of the event, meaning that players had to either have taken part in Day 1A or 1B of the event and been eliminated, to have the opportunity to play Day 1C. The repechage idea proved to be a master stroke for Crown with total tournament field coming to 900 players (700 through Days 1A+B and another 200 today) which is a record number for any major tournament held in the Southern Hemisphere!

The action commenced nice and early at 10:30am, which meant a few players were late arrivals during the first few levels. There were a lot of name players having a second shot at making it through to Day 2 of this tournament including Dennis Huntly, Julian Powell, Eric Assadourian, Mick Guttman, Gary Benson, Karib Karib, Jozef Berec and Paul Khoury.

Throughout the early action it seemed like pocket aces just couldn’t win a big pot – Dennis Huntly, Gary Benson, and Sherif Derias all early eliminations while holding the “rockets”.

In all 54 players made it through today’s action. The big stacks coming out of Day 1C include Michael Pinzone on 53,075, Billy Seri on 43,900 and Sam Khouiss on 38,275 chips. Karib Karib, Paul Khoury and Dom Italiano all made it into the second day of play.

Day 2 gets underway tomorrow at 12:30pm, when 224 players come together to play through until we have a champion. They will be playing for their share of the $180,000 with first place collecting $36,000.

It will be a big day of poker action with the $100,000 Challenge event due to take place tomorrow night from 6:10pm. There are expectations that this event may have enough entrants to fill two separate sit & go tables!

If you can’t get to Crown, stay logged onto - tomorrow and throughout the rest of the 2008 Melbourne Poker Championships for all of the live action.

May 16th 2008 - Day 6
By Heath Chick

Today was Day 1B of Event#5: $230 No Limit Holdem $100k Guaranteed. The action commenced at 12:30pm with 300 players hitting the felt as the prize pool for this event soared past the guarantee.

Plenty of big names players made an appearance including Andrew Demetriou, Dennis Huntly, Julian Powell, Eric Assadourian, Mick Guttman, Kenny Ng, Dory Zayner and Mick Stanton.

Paul Khoury was an early casualty, losing a $1 last longer bet with James Potter who lasted well into the day. Potter’s battles with Arul Thillai were a highlight with Thillai doubling through Potter twice before also falling late in the day attempting to amass a large stack.

The man with a name made for poker, Colin Rich was the chip leader for most of the day but was headed late by Nigel Brown who will take a healthy 49,700 chips into Day 2.

All eyes will be on the repechage tomorrow as we finalize the numbers and the enormous prize pool for this event. How many of the 500+ eliminated players will rebuy? Stay tuned to with play on Day 1C kicking off at 10:30am on Saturday.

May 15th 2008 - Day 5
By Heath Chick

The major event of Day 5 was Flight 1A of Event#5: $230 No Limit Holdem $100k Guaranteed event commencing at 7.10pm.

A massive field of 400 players hit the felt in this unique event that features two day one flights as well as a repechage day that offers eliminated players a second chance to rebuy back into the tournament.

The field was a strong one featuring the likes of Emad Tahtouh, Peter Aristidou, Graeme Putt, Peter Ling, Antonio Casale, Gary Benson, Sam Khouiss and Jozef Berec. After six levels of play and some innovative “double up or bust” moves late in the day, we saw 91 players survive with Manny Su holding the chip lead over Mitchell Carle and Liam Gray.

Tomorrow is Day 1B with the action kicking off at 12:30pm. Stay tuned to for all of the live updates from the tournament floor. Could we end up with a 1000 player field and a prize pool that more than doubles the guarantee?

May 14th 2008 - Day 4
By Maurie Pears

63 players sat down at 12:10pm for the $25 rebuy satellite into the Main Event. A few late comers were expected - perhaps they were desperately examining the budget to find some disposable income? A total of 70 finally entered giving 5 seats (Crown tipped in the difference giving a better EV as Yo would say!). By 3pm the field had been reduced to 25, with the final 5 decided by around 5pm.

The seat winners were:

Stephen Sharp
Chris Christof
Luke Goddard
Justin Bryant
Daniel McCaskill

Well done guys!

The major tournament event on Day 4 was for all the "suck out" specialists, with Event #4: $175 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo commencing at 7:10pm.

121 players made the start for this event with some big stacks showing early. $18,150 in the prize pool, paying top 9, with, 1st place to collect $4,717. A few interstate players, led by Gary Benson and Sammy Khouiss, arrived for this event heralding the arrival of the big bettors later this week!

Congratulations to our visitor Finn Tatu Saily who captured the title, with Anthony Green and Paul Taylor also performing well.

1st Tatu Saily - $4,717
2nd Antony Green - $3,449
3rd Paul Taylor - $2,632
4th Robert Nguyen - $1,997
5th Mark Furniss - $1,634
6th Robert Collina - $1,271
7th Daniel Charles - $998
8th Rick Trezise - $817
9th Daniel Farid - $635

May 13th 2008 - Day 3
By Maurie Pears

The major tournament events for Day 3 were the the $25 main event satellite with $25 rebuys commencing at 12:10pm and Event #3: $175 Pot Limit Holdem event commencing at 7:10pm.

Total number of entries for the satellite event was 88 local players with 289 rebuys giving a total of 6 seats and 7th place $500. The final table was a good mix of talent and by 4:30pm the numbers were reduced to the final 9 players. The seat winners were:

Nathan Goodall
Adam Zegenhagen
Qi Ming Lu
Mitchell Carle
Claire Jackway
Fred Chenouda

Rosa Crea $500

A field of 221 starters came together at 7:10pm for Event 3 of the Championships, with the top 20 players to be paid.

With 50 player remaining it was popular poker wild card Brendan Favola who held the chip lead with around 20% of the total chips in play. Bets were on as to whether he could hold the lead to the end! It was a good night of poker with many amazing bad beats and suck outs. Nice performance from Duncan McKinnon who has cashed in all events so far. Congratulations to Peter Saward who overcame David Munday to take down the title and $8,280.

1st Peter Saward - $8,280
2nd David Munday - $5,636
3rd Mick Nolton - $3,978
4th Timothy Guerin - $2,984
5th Rodney Dyson - $2,321
6th Justin Bernstein - $1,989
7th Karib Karib - $1,658
8th Duncan Mckinnon - $1,326
9th Jozef Berec - $995
10th Brendan Fevola - $663
11th Ian Schoots - $332
12th Liron Selimi - $332
13th Les Burke - $332
14th John Overbeek - $332
15th Herb Mackay - $332
16th Damon Alcock - $332
17th Daniel Friedrich - $332
18th Daniel Francis - $332
19th Dane Middlebrook - $332
20th Tony Hachem - $332

May 12th 2008 - Day 2
By Heath Chick

Ten players returned to the Crown Poker Room this afternoon for the final table of Event #1: $175 No Limit Holdem event. Yuri Mamistvalov entered the day with a nice chip lead but amazingly lost it on the very first hand of the day that saw Anton Ostoja more than triple up. Ostoja’s top two pair held on against the two pair of Thanh Tran and Mamistvalov’s pair/flush draw. Mamistvalov had gone from hero to zero in a matter of minutes as he was the first to be eliminated from the final table.

The key hand of the final table saw Preston Brown’s K-J outdraw James Gray’s A-Q with all the money in pre-flop when a jack hit on the turn to give Brown a monstrous pot and a chip lead that his short-stacked opponents just couldn’t overcome. Gray busted out in 3rd with the solid Duncan McKinnon fighting hard all day to eventually succumb in 2nd place to leave Preston Brown to take down the title and the $10,553 in prize money!

Final Table Results:

1st Preston Brown - $10,553
2nd Duncan McKinnon - $7,538
3rd James Gray - $5,528
4th David Lovell - $4,523
5th Anton Ostoja - $3,518
6th Thanh Tran - $3,015
7th Naum Serafinkoski - $2,513
8th Michael Vukovic - $2,010
9th Adriano Thiago - $1,508
10th Yuri Mamistvalov - $1,005

Also at 7:10pm this evening we saw a very experienced field of 164 sit down to play Event #2: $175 Pot Limit Omaha. This popular event turned out to be an all nighter for the cash outs taking some six hours to reach the bubble. From then the gambling hit form and short stackers started to fall off.

Congratulations to Jacob Chen who battled until after 4am to take down the title and the $6,150 in prize money.

1st Jacob Chen - $6,150
2nd Paul Georgiou - $4,182
3rd Steve Topakis - $3,192
4th Kevin Kelsall - $2,460
5th Adam Cornell - $1,968
6th Karlos Farah - $1,476
7th Paul Taylor - $1,046
8th Naum Serafinoski - $800
9th Raemin Alexander - $554

May 11th 2008 - Day 1
By Heath Chick

The 2008 Melbourne Poker Championships kicked off in style today with a huge field flocking to the Crown Poker Room for the opening event of the championships. Despite the lure of a Mother’s Day luncheon, 335 players took to the felt in Event #1: $175 No Limit Holdem event.

The field contained a lot of well known local Melbourne players and a sprinkling of interstate talent featuring the likes of Emad Tahtouh, Julian Powell, Peter Aristidou, Andrew Demetriou, Jozef Berec, Karib Karib and Antonio Casale. However none of these players were able to reach the money stage of the event.

A royal flush by Shane King was an early highlight of the day, with the action coming fast and furious throughout. Sari Irlicht held the tournament chip lead for a large part of the day before slipping late and busting out in 12th place.

By 6:30pm only the final table of ten remained, with Yuri Mamistvalov taking a healthy chip lead into the final table at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

Yuri Mamistvalov - 241,000
Thanh Tran - 154,000
David Lovell - 135,000
Michael Vukovic - 80,000
Anthony Ostoja - 73,000
Duncan McKinnon - 71,500
Adriano Thiago - 69,500
Preston Brown - 69,000
James Gray - 68,000
Naum Serafinkoski - 44,000

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