The Daily Bigs, Free SCOOP Ticket and Reload Bonus at PokerStars

Posted at 11:28 2011-04-25

If you’re itching for some big tournament action before the Spring Championship of Online Poker kicks off in a few weeks then look no further than what PokerStars is calling “The Daily Bigs”.

Not only is this new offer from PokerStars an opportunity to win seats into SCOOP events, but a chance to play in some big tournaments with big guarantees weeks before the SCOOP even begins.

There will be four tournaments a day, each with a big guarantee and each giving players the opportunity to win their way into a SCOOP event.


- The Daily Big 11: $11 Buy-in with $25,000 guaranteed
- The Daily Big 22: $22 Buy-in with $50,000 guaranteed
- The Daily Big 55: $55 Buy-in with $100,000 guaranteed
- The Daily Big 109: $109 Buy-in with $50,000 guaranteed

So, here is how it all works: If you play one of The Daily Bigs, three times before May 7th then you will receive a SCOOP ticket of the same value. For example, play in three The Daily Big 109 tournaments and you will be credited with a $109 SCOOP ticket which can be used to buy-in to any SCOOP event with a $109 buy-in.

If the buy-ins are a little steep for the bankroll, PokerStars is currently running satellites to the daily tournaments.

Although The Daily Bigs should be enough incentive to download PokerStars now, the offers don’t stop there with a reload bonus ensuring players get the best value for their cash.

PokerStars will be offering a 50% reload bonus up to $200 from now all the way up until the start of the SCOOP on May 8th.

The reload bonus code will be “SCOOP” and will allow players to earn a little extra cash which can be parlayed into the $25 million on offer in the 38 events on the SCOOP schedule.

If you haven’t already loaded up the PokerStars software and started registering for The Daily Bigs then get to it and earn yourself thousands in prizemoney and a free SCOOP ticket and of course while you’re at it don’t forget the reload bonus.

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Jump into the PokerStars Daily Bigs and receive a free SCOOP ticket Jump into the PokerStars Daily Bigs and receive a free SCOOP ticket

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