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  • Bloch Bows Out After Beat
    Bloch Bows Out After Beat 07-06-2013

    Andy Bloch opened to 4,800 on one of the last hands of Level 15, and the player on the button reraised to 10,000. Bloch jammed, and his opponent called.

  • Quads for Bloch
    Quads for Bloch 07-06-2013

    Andy Bloch bet 4,600 after Aaron Massey checked to him on a board. Massey pushed all in, and Bloch immediately called.

  • Tilly, Bloch in; "Chewy" Low 07-05-2013

    Andy Bloch and Jennifer Tilly are seated at the same table in the back of the Amazon Room. Meanwhile, Andrew "luckychewy" Lichtenberger is down to about half of the starting start.

  • High Profile Eliminations 07-04-2013

    We've searched high and low but we cannot find Andy Bloch, Maria Ho or former World Series of Poker Main Event champion Pius Heinz, so it is safe to say they have been eliminated from the Little One for One Drop.

  • Ho Down on the Bloch 07-04-2013

    Andy Bloch opened to 425 from late position and the player in the cutoff called. The button and small blind got out of the way, putting the action onto Maria Ho in the big blind.

  • Bloch Party
    Bloch Party 07-04-2013

    Without his signature snakeskin cowboy hat, Andy Bloch has maintained a low profile thus far at the 2013 World Series of Poker, escaping the media attention he generated during past years.

  • Bloch Takes From Gaspard 07-02-2013

    Stud Jean Gaspard completed with the up, Andy Bloch raised with the , and Gaspard called. Bloch bet fourth, Gaspard raised, and Bloch called. Then Bloch check-called another bet from Gaspard on fifth.

  • Bakes Takes One; Felts Two 06-24-2013

    We arrived at the table to see the aftermath of a hand where Andy Bloch was all in before the draw against David "Bakes" Baker and Justin Gardenhire. Baker drew one card while Bloch and Gardenhire both stood pat.

  • No Action for Bloch's Aces 06-21-2013

    A short-stacked Andy Bloch just received a walk in the big blind. He then turned over his cards to reveal pocket aces.

  • Bloch Arrives 06-21-2013

    Andy Bloch has recently taken his seat in this event.

  • Top Two For Nassif 06-21-2013

    We picked up with the action on a board of to find Andy Bloch check over to Gabriel Nassif on the button. Nassif led out with a bet and Bloch called. The river was the and Bloch checked again.

  • Bloch Catches Good
    Bloch Catches Good 06-20-2013

    We caught a hand between Andy Bloch and Scott Bohlman, where Bloch kept catching monster cards on every street and kept firing.

  • Bloch Busts Ho and Cripples Chen 06-19-2013

    Andy Bloch / Maria Ho: / Bill Chen: / Maria Ho completed on third street showing a , Andy Bloch called with an , and the Bill Chen raised with . Ho and Bloch both called. On fourth street, Bill Chen bet out, and both players called.

  • Bloch Makes Correct Call For Half
    Bloch Makes Correct Call For Half 06-15-2013

    Picking up with the action on the flop, we found Todd Barlow, Andy Bloch, and Christopher George looking down at a board of . Barlow and Bloch checked over to George who fired out a bet. Both players called to see fourth street.

  • Ivey Chopped Up and Eliminated By Bloch and Rabtsov
    Ivey Chopped Up and Eliminated By Bloch and Rabtsov 06-15-2013

    The three short stacks at table 359 just went to battle and Phil Ivey was the one left with no chips. Rabtsov was all in preflop and Ivey's remaining few thousand went in after the flop.

  • Barbaro Boots Bloch
    Barbaro Boots Bloch 06-11-2013

    We caught a glimpse of Andy Bloch exiting the Brasilia, so we went over to his table to find out what happened. Cheech Barbaro told PokerNews that Bloch was all-in for only 75, and that he called Bloch's bet.

  • Andy Bloch Busted
    Andy Bloch Busted 06-11-2013

    We missed the precise action but Jose "Nacho" Barbero told us that Kyle Cartwright had opened preflop and Andy Bloch had called from the big blind. Bloch had check-shoved on and had received a call.

  • Bloch Is Losing Traction 06-11-2013

    Andy Block raised from under the gun to 3,500. Action folded to the small blind who reraised to 8,700 with the big blind and Bloch both coming along. The small blind checked the flop .

  • Andy Bloch Eliminated 06-09-2013

    Stud Eight or Better Andy Bloch, runner up of the 2006 WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. event, has been eliminated. On his last hand, Bloch was all in for his last 1,100, and only Andreas Krause was the only caller.

  • Roe's Aces Up Take One 06-09-2013

    Stud Eight or Better Andy Bloch fired into a three-way pot with the following boards on fourth street. Bloch: Joshua Roe: Hasan Habib: Both players called. Bloch got a , Roe an and Habib a . Roe led out, Bloch folded and Habib called.

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