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  • Obrestad Sends Frankenberger to the Door
    Obrestad Sends Frankenberger to the Door 07-12-2013

    Camera crews were swarmed around Annette Obrestad's table once again as Andy Frankenberger had moved all in over the top of Obrestad's opening raise and she had called.

  • Frankenberger Folds the River 07-12-2013

    Andy Frankenberger called a raise from the player under the gun, and Jack Amyx reraised to 9,000 from the small blind. The original raiser folded, and Frankenberger called. Amyx bet 7,000 after the flop, and Frankenberger raised to 15,000.

  • Frankenberger Induces a Shove 07-10-2013

    Andy Frankenberger checked to an opponent after a flop of . The player bet 6,000, and Frankenberger called. The turn was a , and Frankenberger led out 6,500. His opponent moved all in for around 14,000, and Frankenberger called immediately.

  • Frankenberger Lays It Down
    Frankenberger Lays It Down 07-08-2013

    With the board reading , the player in the small blind bet out 525, before Andy Frankenberger bumped it up to 1,250. His opponent then opted to raise it up to 2,225, and was called, before the fell on the turn.

  • Dolan Dusted 07-03-2013

    Catching the action on the board and roughly 11,000 in the middle, we found Samantha Cohen moving all in for just a little over 11,000.

  • Frankenberger Chewed Up
    Frankenberger Chewed Up 06-26-2013

    Andy Frankenberger's quest to win his third bracelet will have to wait a little longer because he's been eliminated from this event. Frankenberger's fell foul to the of his opponent when it made quad aces on the board.

  • Bowker Up There With the Leaders 06-26-2013

    Kyle Bowker is up to 17,300 chips, which keeps him in touch with the chip leaders.

  • Rough Day for Andy Frankenberger 06-25-2013

    Andy Frankenberger's former seat was conspicuously empty, and a quick check of his Twitter account told the tale.

  • Lykov Ousts Frankenberger 06-11-2013

    Just before the break we found Max Lykov and Andy Frankenberger engaged in a series of raises that ended with Frankenberger getting the last of his stack which looked to be about 29,000 all in.

  • Bullets For Hachem 06-11-2013

    Andy Frankenberger opened to 2,100 and it folded around to Joe Hachem who three-bet to 4,700 from the button. Action came back around to Frankeberger and he called the raise. The dealer fanned on the felt and Frankenberger checked.

  • Frankenberger Doubles Through Lykov 06-11-2013

    Max Lykov opened to 1,600 from middle position and it folded around to Andy Frankenberger's big blind. Frankenberger put in what looked like a raise to 5,000.

  • Frankenberger Calls the River 06-06-2013

    On a | | board a player in the blinds bet out 2,600. Andy Frankenberger, on the button, didn't look like he had to tough a decision. He called rather quickly and had the best of it.

  • Shane Eliminates Frankenberger 06-01-2013

    Andy Frankenberger shoved his remaining 3,850 from under the gun and Brandon Shane called from the button. When the hands were tabled, Shane dominated with against Frankenberger's .

  • Frankenberger Cracks Aces 06-01-2013

    We arrived at the table to find Andy Frankenberger pondering a call of an opponent's all in bet. It was 2,200 back to Frankenberger and he tossed out a call only to find that he was crushed.

  • A Hero Has Fallen 05-30-2013

    Andy Frankenberger is nowhere to be found anymore. Former table mate Ankush Mandavia tells us that Frankenberger called it off with on | | with three spades.

  • How Much for Seidel To Change His Name to Frankenberger? 02-02-2013

    Antonio Esfandiari and his table had taken a bit of a break from the "Lodden Thinks" antics, but it's now back.

  • Frankenberger Eliminated 01-10-2013

    Andy Frankenberger just informed us of his elimination hand, getting it in for 80,000 preflop with against . Unfortunately for Frankenberger, his bigger pair failed to hold up and his Main Event is over.

  • Frankenberger Moves In 01-09-2013

    Two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger was heads up in a pot with Santiago Nadal. The board read and Frankenberger bet 6,000 into a pot of about 11,000.

  • Small One For Frankenberger 01-09-2013

    On a board reading , two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Andy Frankenberger checked from the big blind and then called when Brian Lee bet 1,600. Both players then checked the river and Frankenberger tabled .

  • Frankenberger vs. Ziyard 10-08-2012

    Andy Frankenberger opened for 2,200 from early position and received a call from Zimnan Ziyard in middle position. The rest of the field folded and it was heads-up action to the flop, which both players checked.

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