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  • Darin Thomas Eliminated in 17th Place ($6,900)
    Darin Thomas Eliminated in 17th Place ($6,900) 06-10-2013

    Omaha 8 Darin Thomas was eliminated with unknown action against Mark Klecan. When we reached the table, the board and hands looked like this. Thomas: Klecan: Thomas was eliminated in 17th place. We will bring you a full redraw shortly.

  • Klecan Takes Massive Pot on Final Hand
    Klecan Takes Massive Pot on Final Hand 06-09-2013

    Stud Eight or Better Eddie Blumenthal completed with , and three players came along. Blumenthal bet fourth street, and everyone called once again.

  • Lucky Sevens for Loube 06-28-2012

    "Reporter, get over here!" So said Steven Loube after improbably coming back to win a hand and knock out Darin Thomas.

  • Thomas Out 06-24-2012

    Darin Thomas has been eliminated.

  • Darin Thomas Eliminated in 2nd Place ($71,704)
    Darin Thomas Eliminated in 2nd Place ($71,704) 06-15-2012

    Brian Meinders raised preflop and a short-stacked Darin Thomas called. The flop was and Thomas checked. Meinders bet and Thomas raised, and after a series of raises the two got it all in.

  • Thomas on the Roller Coaster 06-15-2012

    Darin Thomas' stack has been constantly up and down the last few minutes, firstly bleeding chips over a couple of hands. Eventually he was down to just 75,000. He then got his stack in preflop holding and was up against Brian Meinders' .

  • Meinders Tightens Grip
    Meinders Tightens Grip 06-15-2012

    With the flop of Brian Meinders bet and Darin Thomas called. The turned and Meinders bet once again. Thomas raised and Meinders flicked out a call. The river was the and Meinders bet once more.

  • Thomas Loses One After Doubling 06-15-2012

    Aggression is picking up here at this heads up match. Immediately after doubling up Darin Thomas four-bet his hand preflop and was called. The flop was and Thomas continued out. Brian Meinders raised and Thomas called.

  • Thomas Manages the Double
    Thomas Manages the Double 06-15-2012

    Darin Thomas just got the remainder of his stack in preflop when he and Brian Meinders put in just shy of seven bets (betting is uncapped when heads-up).

  • Darin Hurting 06-15-2012

    Darin Thomas is hurting now, with his stack a pittance of what it was just a short while ago. The hand started when Brian Meinders opened the button. Thomas made the call and a flop was dealt .

  • Meinders Gets Some Back
    Meinders Gets Some Back 06-15-2012

    In a raised pot, Brian Meinders bet out on the flop of . Darin Thomas raised and Meinders called. The turned and Meinders check-called another bet from Thomas. The river brought a fourth diamond in the form of the and Meinders let out.

  • Two Hands to Square One 06-15-2012

    Brian Meinders just took down a pot and then within a minute's time, Darin Thomas had done the same. Meinders just took down a pot on a board when he called bets on the turn and river and then bet when checked to on the river.

  • Thomas Starting to Close the Gap 06-15-2012

    We caught up with the two players on a board of . Brian Meinders checked to Thomas who fired out a bet. Meinders raised but quickly found himself faced with a three-bet from Thomas. Meinders called and Thomas showed for fours full of aces.

  • Huge One Split 06-15-2012

    A huge hand just played out where Darin Thomas had the majority of his chips in the middle against Brian Meinders. It was three-bet preflop and a board was spread out. Meinders led on the flop and Thomas called.

  • Thomas Gets One Back
    Thomas Gets One Back 06-15-2012

    A flop was spread out when Darin Thomas led with a bet. Brian Meinders then made it two to go and Thomas made the call. A on the turn would see Thomas lead and this time Meinders would simply call.

  • Meinders Chipping Away 06-15-2012

    The lead that Brian Meinders holds over Darin Thomas is growing larger at the moment, with another pot going the way of Meinders. In this hand, it was a raised pot that saw a board spread along the felt.

  • Darin Loses Some Back 06-15-2012

    Darin Thomas and Brian Meinders both committed three bets preflop to see a flop hit the felt. Meinders led here and Thomas raised. A call from Meinders and the would hit the turn.

  • Quads for Thomas 06-15-2012

    Brian Meinders raised preflop and Darin Thomas called. A flop came and Thomas bet. Meinders called and the was on the turn. Thomas bet out and Meidners put out a raise. Thomas opted to three-bet and Meinders slowed down by calling.

  • Meinders Wins Another
    Meinders Wins Another 06-15-2012

    Brian Meinders has been catching the right cards at the right time here, with another handy pot going his way.

  • Thomas Gets It Back
    Thomas Gets It Back 06-15-2012

    Darin Thomas popped it up from the button and Brian Meinders called. The flop was spread in front of the two and Meinders led out into Thomas. Thomas called and the two saw the turn. Once again Meinders fired and was called by Thomas.

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