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  • Shulman Sunk 07-12-2013

    Jeff Shulman — one of the few players ever to final table the WSOP Main Event twice (finishing seventh in 2000 and ninth in 2009) — has seen his 2013 WSOP ME run unluckily end at the start of Level 13.

  • Pros Push it to the Limit
    Pros Push it to the Limit 06-27-2013

    As the field has been whittled down, slowly yes, but steadily throughout the day, the professionals have demonstrated their natural aptitude for the limit format.

  • A Family Affair
    A Family Affair 06-27-2013

    With his son Jeff Shulman already spotted among the field, Barry Shulman has made an appearance here on Day 1 of the $2,500 Limit Hold'em Six-Handed event.

  • The Best Defense is a Good Offense
    The Best Defense is a Good Offense 06-27-2013

    After winning this event last year, Ronnie Bardah secured his first World Series of Poker bracelet, but more importantly he validated his place among poker's current crop of young phenoms.

  • Shulman Doubles with a Monster 06-22-2013

    Paul Sokoloff raised under the gun, and a short-stacked Shulman three-bet. Action folded back around to Sokoloff, who asked how much Shulman had behind. Shulman told him he started the hand with 4,200.

  • Quads for Sokoloff 06-22-2013

    Paul Sokoloff raised from the button, and Jeff Shulman three-bet from the small blind. Sokoloff called, and the dealer rolled out for the flop. After a bet and a call, Shulman bet out on the turn.

  • Allyn Jaffrey Shulman Is Here To Defend
    Allyn Jaffrey Shulman Is Here To Defend 06-15-2013

    Last year, Allyn Jaffrey Shulman beat former November-niner, Dennis Phillips, heads up to win The Senior's Championship beating a record field of 4,179 players.

  • Shulman Out 06-09-2013

    Stud Eight or Better We found Jeff Shulman with all his chips in the middle on a Stud Eight or Better hand. Shulman: Jeff Tims: Tims sent Shulman to the rail with higher two pair.

  • Wheel for Shulman 06-08-2013

    On the river, Jeff Shulman was involved in a pot with two players, one of whom was all-in. Shulman showed , the all-in player showed , and the third player showed . Shulman bet, and his opponent called.

  • Shulman Loses One, Then Splits One 06-08-2013

    Stud Eight or Better Jeff Shulman has been very active at his table, but his chip stack is remaining relatively constant. We recently watched him play two hands.

  • Jeff Shulman Out
    Jeff Shulman Out 06-06-2013

    We already have our first elimination of Day 3 of this limit hold'em tournament. Jeff Shulman raised from middle position, and Eric Froehlich reraised from the button. Shulman got the last of his very short stack in.

  • Shulman Picks One Up
    Shulman Picks One Up 06-05-2013

    Thomas Blizniak raised in early position, Stuart McHenry called on his left, and Jeff Shulman called on the button. The flop produced the , Blizniak checked, McHenry bet, and Shulman raised. Only McHenry called.

  • Shulman Gets Moore 06-05-2013

    Michael Moore was just eliminated by 2009 November Niner Jeff Shulman. We didn't catch the action, but we saw that Shulman, whose parents both own World Series of Poker bracelets, had a flush, and Moore did not.

  • Shulman Out 07-13-2012

    Jeff Shulman open-raised all in for just under 18,000 from early position, and it folded back around to Dane Lomas in the big blind. Lomas considered for about a half-minute, then called the raise, turning over . Shulman showed .

  • Shulman Fires Three Barrels 07-12-2012

    When we got to the table, we saw that 2009 Main Event 5th Place finisher Jeff Shulman was in a pot with one other opponent on a flop that read . Shulman fired out 3,500, and his opponent called.

  • Shulman Ships
    Shulman Ships 07-10-2012

    Daniel Ospina opened to 800 from under the gun, a player in middle position called, and Jeff Shulman three-bet to 4,300 from the big blind. Only Ospina called. The flop fell , and Shulman led for 5,000. Ospina called.

  • Short-Stacked Shulman Doubles 06-28-2012

    A short Jeff Shulman moved all in with before the flop and was called by Joe Kuether's . Shulman retained his lead on the flop and sealed it when the turned, giving him tens full of fives.

  • Shulman Doubles, Abghari and Fricke Bust 06-28-2012

    Jeff Shulman just doubled through Jonathan Duhamel with a pair of aces on an ace-high board. From what we saw, there were also two hearts on the flop, and Duhamel held the .

  • Ho Stays Alive 06-28-2012

    After extensive action preflop, we found four players looking down at a flop of . Maria Ho moved all in for her final 800 and was called by Jeff Shulman and Chad Brown.

  • Ladies For Shulman 06-28-2012

    With the board reading , a player check-called a bet from Jeff Shulman. The completed the board and both players checked. Shulman's opponent sheepishly turned over king-queen for nothing while Shulman tabled for the winning hand.

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