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  • Let's Do This Again Some Time Soon
    Let's Do This Again Some Time Soon 07-04-2013

    With Event #54 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold'em) recently coming to a close, we've spotted no less than eight players who made deep runs in that tournament trying to ride the wave of momentum here today.

  • In the Weeds
    In the Weeds 07-02-2013

    Matt Salsberg is better known as the executive producer and writer for the acclaimed television show Weeds, but he has made a name for himself in the poker world during the last few years.

  • Petrangelo Doubles Through Salsberg 06-30-2013

    Reigning World Poker Tour Player of the Year Matt Salsberg, who worked on the hit Showtime show Weeds, opened for 4,000 from the hijack and then called when Nick Petrangelo three-bet to 8,000 from the button.

  • Kitai Adds Some More 06-29-2013

    Matt Salsberg opened to 1,900 from the hijack, and was called by Davidi Kitai, before both players saw the flop come down . Kitai checked his option, before Salsberg threw out a continuation bet of 1,200.

  • Salsberg's Day is Done 06-24-2013

    matt salsberg @msalsbergBusted in 168th. The kid had AA twice in 3 hands and I had top pair and couldn't find a fold.June 23 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @msalsberg!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.

  • Salsberg Spars with Lykov 06-23-2013

    Matt Salsberg raised to 1,800 preflop, and Maxim Lykov three-bet to 4,200. Lykov is seated directly to Salsberg's left, and he's been making it a habit to three-bet when Salsberg raises since he got moved to this table.

  • Salsberg Makes the Right Call 06-23-2013

    There was about 15,000 in the middle when we walked up to the table to see Matt Salsberg heads up in a pot on a completed board of . Salsberg checked to his opponent, who moved all in fairly quickly for his last 5,925.

  • Salsberg and Vedes Both Lose Heads Up 06-21-2013

    Matt Salsberg and Travis Roseberry battled heads up for over two hours, which including Salsberg folding a broadway straight to Roseberry's royal flush.

  • Out of Here 06-20-2013

    Jared Hamby @TWKftw#showers in the 1k turbo. Got in my 5k stack on KJ5hhh6x with 89hh vs Micon's 55, river J #geeg 3k PLO laterJune 19 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @TWKftw!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.

  • Bet, Bet, Overbet 06-20-2013

    On an flop the big blind bet out 125. The hijack folded but Matt Salsberg immediately made the call from the button. on the turn and this time the big blind bet out 300, again Salsberg called within an instance.

  • "Any Two Cantu" Busts Salsberg
    "Any Two Cantu" Busts Salsberg 06-16-2013

    In the last hand before the break, with just 18 seconds left on the clock, Brandon Cantu opened the cut off to 6,500. In the small blind Matt Salsberg pushed his stack to the middle: 24,100 total.

  • Salsberg Peaks; Hanks Peaces
    Salsberg Peaks; Hanks Peaces 06-16-2013

    Matt Salsberg was first to act, and he open-shoved for 16,700. Brent Hanks re-shoved for 20,500 in the cutoff, and the rest of the players folded. Salsberg: Hanks: Salsberg held as the board came , doubling to 34,000 chips.

  • Salzburg Busts One 06-10-2013

    Action folded to Matt Salsberg who raised to 400 from the hijack. The big blind reraised to 900 and called Salsberg's all in for less. Salsberg: Big Blind: The board fell giving Salsberg a set and more chips to play with.

  • A Tough Table 06-10-2013

    In a field of over 2,000 runners the odds of being seated on the same table as some established players are pretty slim. Try telling that to this trio of talented individuals who are having to battle against each other right now.

  • Matt Salsberg's in the House 06-10-2013

    Matt Salsberg has bought into this $1,000 No Limit Hold'em event and is looking to add to the two 2013 WSOP cashes he already has. Salsberg is the current WPT Player of the Year after a fantastic year on the tournament circuit.

  • Salsberg Eliminated
    Salsberg Eliminated 06-05-2013

    Matt Salsberg, producer of Entourage, Weeds, and several other shows, has been eliminated from the tournament. Tim West and Jan Kasten are now playing heads-up at their table.

  • Bianco Doubles Through Salsberg 06-05-2013

    With Matt Salsberg in the small blind and Salvatore Bianco in the big blind, the two players got their chips in the middle pre-flop. Salsberg turned over , but Bianco had .

  • O'Dwyer Busted. Salsberg Advances. 06-04-2013

    Steve O'Dwyer's fortunes have reversed since we last checked in on his heads-up battle with Matt Salsberg. We came to the table on the river, with the board showing .

  • Intense Heads Up Battle 06-04-2013

    Steve O'Dwyer and Matthew Salsberg were among the first in the room to get heads up at their table. While a lot of other tables have been completed, O'Dwyer and Salsberg are still going at it.

  • Salzberg Out in 21st Place; Beauprez On Fire 06-02-2013

    John Beauprez has been on quite a rush. He just won two big hands. The first was a huge pot. Beauprez raised to 21,000 and Jesse Yaginuma called. The flop came . Beauprez bet 27,000 and Yaginuma called.

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