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  • Kihara Cut Down 07-05-2013

    Naoya Kihara was among the super-short stacks when the bubble burst right before dinner, and now he's become one of the first to cash with a 28th-place finish in Event #59.

  • Mercier Meets End 07-05-2013

    Jason Mercier's Day 2 comeback attempt has come to an end here at the start of the day's second level. In his last hand, the blinds had just increased to 400/800 and Mercier was down to his last 1,000. He raised all in from the button.

  • Mercier Trying to Move Up 07-05-2013

    Jason Mercier began today 87th out of 88 players in the counts, but he's gotten off on the right foot after taking a pot off of Naoya Kihara.

  • Negreanu Over Kihara 07-04-2013

    Daniel Negreanu raised from under the gun and got a single caller in Naoya Kihara playing from the big blind. On the first draw Kihara took two and Negreanu one, Kihara bet, Negreanu raised, and Kihara called.

  • Kihara Collects
    Kihara Collects 07-04-2013

    A player sitting under the gun raised and only Naoya Kihara called from a seat over. The raiser took one card and Kihara two, and when the continuation bet came Kihara responded with a raise and his opponent just called.

  • "You Like to Gamble?" 07-03-2013

    Matthew Jarvis opened to 450 from middle position and Naoya Kihara on the button made it 1,025. The player in the big blind bumped the action to 2,500 and Jarvis thought about it for quite some time. Eventually he folded but Kihara did not.

  • Quads And Sets 07-02-2013

    Two quick sound bites from poker blogger Marc Convey shine enough light on the developments on their table. Convey said Naoya Kihara already had quads this tournament.

  • Naoya Kihara Eliminated in 12th Place ($16,601)
    Naoya Kihara Eliminated in 12th Place ($16,601) 06-25-2013

    Layne Flack raised to 11,500 from early position only to have Naoya Kihara ship all in over the top for an unknown amount. Action quickly came back to Flack who snapped him off. Both players drew one card and tabled their hands.

  • "You Wanted to Three-Bet Me Pre" 06-25-2013

    Calvin Anderson raised to 4,400 in early position, Layne Flack called on the button, and Naoya Kihara called out of the big blind. PlayerDraw Kihara2 Anderson1 Flack1 The action checked to Flack, who cooly tossed out 11,000.

  • A Couple of Cold Four-Bets 06-25-2013

    Jon Turner opened to 4,700 from early position, Phil Laak three-bet to 15,700 out of the small blind, Naoya Kihara cold four-bet to 100,000 out of the big blind.

  • Kihara's Ten is Good 06-25-2013

    Naoya Kihara opened with a middle position raise only to have Jon Turner three-bet from the button to an unknown amount. Both players drew one and Kihara led out for 10,100. Turner tanked for a moment before dropping in a call.

  • Kihara Defending Title, Big Blind 06-23-2013

    Naoya Kihara won this same event last year, topping a field of 419 in order to do so.

  • Action Awaits, Day 1 Set to Begin for Event 41: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (Six-Handed)
    Action Awaits, Day 1 Set to Begin for Event 41: $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha (Six-Handed) 06-23-2013

    As if things weren't already busy around at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino where five other WSOP events are currently playing out, we have one more to bring you today as part of our wall-to-wall coverage here at PokerNews.

  • Kihara Out-Kicked 06-16-2013

    Razz Naoya Kihara completed to 200 and Matthew Ashton and a third player called before he fired out on fourth, fifth and sixth. Kihara called on each street while Ashton released on fourth.

  • Naoya Kihara Eliminated By John Eames 06-10-2013

    Picking up the action after the river of a board, Naoya Kihara went all in for about 8,000 from early position. John Eames called from middle position with for a rivered full house, besting Kihara's to score the elimination.

  • Three Hands Lead to Kihara's Bust
    Three Hands Lead to Kihara's Bust 06-06-2013

    We just got served up a reminder of just how crazy a game no-limit hold'em can be. Just fifteen minutes ago, Naoya Kihara was sitting on 200,000, and was sitting on a very comfrtable stack.

  • Kihara Eliminated
    Kihara Eliminated 06-03-2013

    PLO Action folded around to the button, who raised to 400. Naoya Kihara three-bet to 1,275 from the big blind, and his opponent called. Kihara continuation-bet on the flop, and his opponent put him all in.

  • Kihara Cut in Half 06-01-2013

    We caught up to a board reading where Naoya Kihara's opponent was assembling a bet in a 5,000 chip pot. He brought out 3,500 which was half of Kihara's remaining chips. Kihara insta-called and his opponent tabled for a full house.

  • Kihara Growing 06-01-2013

    We caught up to find 2012 WSOP bracelet winner Naoya Kihara and an opponent looking down at a completed board of . With over 900 already in the middle, Kihara checked on over to his opponent who bet 525.

  • Naoya Kihara Eliminated in 11th Place (KRW 9,500,000)
    Naoya Kihara Eliminated in 11th Place (KRW 9,500,000) 03-17-2013

    Wow. The two chip leaders, Aaron Lim and Naoya Kihara, have been clashing all day and have mostly traded chips back and forth. The following hand, however, saw Lim take the World Series of Poker bracelet winner for all he was worth.

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