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  • Jivkov Seeking Another Pot-Limit Bracelet 06-13-2013

    Last year, Bulgaria's Nick Jivkov took down Event #5 $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em for $189,818 and his first bracelet.

  • Somerville Soars; Jivkov Out 06-11-2013

    Jason Somerville recently dragged in a pot where he was all in for 82,100 and he was able to double through Cary Katz. Catz three-bet before the flop and Somerville smooth called to see the flop come .

  • One For Jivkov 06-11-2013

    Erick Lindgren opened with an early position raise to 1,600 and it folded around to Nick Jivkov in the big blind. Jivkov thought for a moment before opting to flat call. The dealer rapped the table and spread out a flop that read .

  • "Where Are You From?"
    "Where Are You From?" 06-10-2013

    Nick Jivkov opened to 500 in middle position, and the action folded to Ryan Fair, who three-bet to 1,425 out of the big blind. Jivkov called. The dealer fanned , and Fair led out for 1,675.

  • Jivkov Grabs One 06-10-2013

    Marc-Andre Ladouceur raised to 200 in early position, Kristina Holst called in the hijack seat, Ryan Fair called on the button, and Nick Jivkov three-bet to 750 from the big blind. Only Ladouceur called.

  • Last Year's Champ Hits the Rail 06-07-2013

    Nick Jivkov, the reigning champion of this event, has been eliminated from play. Jivkov was short on chips all day and finally got his last roughly 4,000 in against Joseph Liberta. Jivkov held and was racing with Liberta's .

  • Reigning Champion Short on Chips 06-07-2013

    We caught up with the action to find action trickled around to reigning champion Nick Jivkov in the small blind. He opened the action with a raise to 4,200.

  • Robert Corcione and Mike Carson Over 100,00 Going into Day 2
    Robert Corcione and Mike Carson Over 100,00 Going into Day 2 06-06-2013

    Event #12: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold'em started today with 535 players and after 10 levels of play, we have two players over the 100K mark: Robert Corcione (144,600) and Mike Carson (110,000). Both players have some history at the WSOP.

  • Jivkov Doubles 06-06-2013

    Nick Jivkov was all in preflop for 18,200 with the versus an opponent's . The flop, turn and river ran out , and Jivkov doubled up.

  • Jivkov Fires...A Compliment 07-02-2012

    Nick Jivkov raised to 5,500 from under the gun and was called by the player on the button. The two saw a flop of and Jivkov continued out with a bet of 6,700.

  • Jivkov on the Comeback Trail 06-06-2012

    While still short-stacked, Nick Jivkov has certainly taken the old adage "a chip and a chair" to heart. At his lowest point last level, Jivkov was down to just 4,000, or two big blinds.

  • Two Players Looking For Gold Again 06-05-2012

    The WSOP is young so far, as there have only been seven bracelets awarded in open play events(this excludes the $500 Casino Employee's event).

  • Bryan Pellegrino Eliminated in 2nd Place ($117,199)
    Bryan Pellegrino Eliminated in 2nd Place ($117,199) 06-02-2012

    Bryan Pellegrino seemingly had nine lives in this heads up battle, but his luck has finally run out. Nick Jivkov raised pot, and Pellegrino went all in. Jivkov snap called him, and the cards were flipped up.

  • Jivkov Relents to Pellegrino's Pressure 06-02-2012

    Action began on Nick Livkov, who raised the pot to 180,000. Pellegrino mulled his decision over and decided to flat call, leaving himself just 300,000 behind. The flop came and Pellegrino announced he was all in.

  • Jivkov Takes Another 06-02-2012

    Nick Jivkov raised it up to 120,000, and Bryan Pellegrino called. The flop came down , and Pellegrino led out for 150,000.

  • Jivkov Snaps Off Pellegrino With Set 06-02-2012

    Nick Jivkov completed from the button and Bryan Pellegrino checked his option. Both players checked the flop. When a fell on the turn, Pellegrino led out for 75,000 and Jivkov called.

  • Pellegrino Doubles Through Jivkov Again
    Pellegrino Doubles Through Jivkov Again 06-02-2012

    Up and down we go on the roller coaster that is this heads up battle. Pellegrino was back down to 400,000, but he has just secured anohter double up against Jivkov. Action started with Jivkov raising to 100,000.

  • Pellegrino Spikes a Straight 06-02-2012

    Bryan Pellegrino has been down throughout the heads-up play - but don't count him out yet. In a recent hand, Nick Jivkov completed from the button and Pellegrino checked his option to see a flop, which came .

  • Pellegrino Doubles Through Jivkov 06-02-2012

    So close....but no cigar for Nick Jivkov. That's all that can really be said at the moment, as Bryan Pellegrino just caught a miracle river to double through Jivkov. Jivkov called on the button, and Pellegrino made it 150,000 to go.

  • Jivkov Chipping Away at Pellegrino's Stack 06-02-2012

    Since heads-up play began, there have not been too many large pots, but Nick Jivkov has been wearing Bryan Pellegrino down. In a recent hand, Pellegrino raised to 80,000 from the button and was called by Jivkov in the big.

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