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  • Trickett Toppled
    Trickett Toppled 07-11-2013

    Sam Trickett's chair is empty. Speaking to a few players they were able to give us the details that saw one player open to 1,200 before Trickett flatted with . Pieter de Korver came along with and so did Will Failla as the flop landed .

  • Trickett Lets It Go
    Trickett Lets It Go 07-09-2013

    Sam Trickett opened to 600 from middle position, and was called by both players in the blinds. The flop came down , and the action was checked to Trickett, who threw out a continuation bet of 1,050.

  • Trickett Eliminated
    Trickett Eliminated 07-05-2013

    The hand started with Olivier Busquet opening to 20,000 from late position, and getting called by Jeff Papola in the hijack. The action then fell on Sam Trickett in the small blind, who moved all in for his last 141,000 in chips.

  • Seat 8: David Benyamine (2,709,000)
    Seat 8: David Benyamine (2,709,000) 07-05-2013

    David Benyamine is a very well known poker player with numerous first-place finishes, including a World Poker Tour title from 2003 and a World Series of Poker bracelet from 2008, and over $6.55 million in live tournament earnings.

  • Trickett Finds a Double 07-04-2013

    After losing a hand with pocket aces versus Ravi Raghavan pocket queens earlier on in the level, Sam Trickett has just found a double-up.

  • Buddiga Gets Some off Trickett 07-04-2013

    Sam Trickett opened to 8,000 from under the gun, and was called by Pratyush Buddiga on the big blind, after the rest of the table had folded.

  • Katchalov KO'd by Trickett
    Katchalov KO'd by Trickett 07-04-2013

    Following a raise to 3,300, both Eugene Katchalov and Sam Trickett made the call to see a flop fall. The initial raiser continued for 3,700 only to have Katchalov raise to 9,200.

  • Trickett Runs into Kings 06-29-2013

    The hand started with Sam Trickett opening to 1,600 from under the gun, before Mike Telker raised it up to 4,500. The action folded back around to Trickett, who counted out his stack, before opting to move all, before being snap called.

  • Sam Trickett Eliminated
    Sam Trickett Eliminated 06-27-2013

    Last year Sam Trickett made it to the heads up stage of the $1.000.000 buy in The Big One for One Drop. He will not make a repeat deep run as he has just been eliminated by former November Niner Jason Senti.

  • Chan Takes a Big Pot Off Trickett 06-27-2013

    We happened upon the table with 125,000 or so already in the pot and a board reading .

  • Trickett Busts 06-21-2013

    On one of the first hands of the day, Sam Trickett was all in and at risk with against Vincent Lam's . Lam's hand held up as the board came , and the Brit was eliminated.

  • Trickett Loses Some Ground 06-20-2013

    Michael Kamran checked from the big blind and the player in Seat 3 checked to Sam Trickett, who was on the button and continuing his massage that has been going on for the past 90 minutes.

  • Two More Advance
    Two More Advance 06-09-2013

    The two latest players to advance to the Sweet Sixteen are Randy Lew and Marc-Andre Ladouceur.

  • Ladouceur Makes Trickett Dip Into Lammers 06-09-2013

    The finished board read and we arrived at the table to see Sam Trickett all in for his last 43,000. Marc-Andre Ladouceur was pondering a call and eventually decided to do so.

  • Trickett Sends Lamb to Slaughter 06-08-2013

    Ben Lamb got the last of his short stack in with before the flop. Unfortunately for the 2011 World Series of Poker Player of the Year, Sam Trickett called and had him crushed with .

  • Trickett Leaves a Hefty Tip 06-03-2013

    Sam Trickett was in such a rush to leave Wembley Stadium after his exit that he failed to pick up 77th place prize money, or €3,000 to you and I.

  • Sam Trickett Elimnated; Heads to Las Vegas 06-03-2013

    One of the favorites to progress in this tournament was Sam Trickett. Notice how we said was, because he has just been eliminated in the space of two quick hands.

  • Marques Puts the Squeeze on Albiges 06-03-2013

    Having been told they are playing the last level of the night, Florent Marques is not particularly happy. He would play all night if he was allowed to he told the table.

  • Sam Trickett Surges Up The Counts 06-03-2013

    Sam Trickett is flying high and armed with 600,000 chips, which spells bad news to the rest of the field. "How many chips are you playing now?" we asked Trickett.

  • McCulloch Represents a Flush 06-03-2013

    Rory Campbell raised to 6,000 in middle position, Sam Trickett called in the cutoff and Neil McCullough came along for the ride in the big blind. The trio saw the dealer fan out the .

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