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  • Stephen Su Eliminated in 17th Place ($12,881)
    Stephen Su Eliminated in 17th Place ($12,881) 07-06-2012

    After doubling Randy Ohel, Stephen Su was left with 43,000 and committed it two hands later from the button after Scotty Nguyen had opened for 27,000 from middle position.

  • Sklar Chipping Up, Su Still in Great Shape 07-05-2012

    Richard Sklar and Stephen Su have just played a small hand that went Sklar's way, with Sklar currently sitting behind a fairly healthy stack as we head toward the money bubble.

  • Su Wins Massive Pot to Eliminate Both Gualtieri & Bach
    Su Wins Massive Pot to Eliminate Both Gualtieri & Bach 07-05-2012

    We just saw a massive pot develop preflop between Stephen Su and David Bach, with a short-stacked Joe Gualtieri caught in between.

  • Su Flexing His Muscle 07-05-2012

    The player on the button raised it up to 4,000 and Stephen Su called out of the big blind. On the flop, Su checked and then called a bet of 5,500 from his opponent.

  • Here Comes Su
    Here Comes Su 07-05-2012

    We just happened upon Table 359 and discovered Stephen Su sitting with a mountain of chips and getting involved in a big pot. In the hand, a short-stacked player got all in for around 18,000 preflop and Su called.

  • Three-Quarters for Su 06-27-2012

    With 475 in the pot and a flop of , Stephen Su checked and saw Ryan Laplante bet 300. Su made the call and then check-called a bet of 750 on the turn before checking the river.

  • Stephen Su Eliminated in 10th Place ($18,795)
    Stephen Su Eliminated in 10th Place ($18,795) 06-22-2012

    2-7 Triple Draw: After being crippled by Joseph Couden, Stephen Su managed to double through Chris Viox.

  • Su Crippled 06-22-2012

    2-7 Triple Draw We missed the pre draw action, but it seemed like Stephen Su had raised it up from the cutoff after which he called Joseph Couden's three-bet from the button. These two players were heads up as we went into the first draw.

  • Big One For Su 06-22-2012

    Limit Hold'em From the button David Baker raised to 30,000, Stephen Su three-bet from the small blind to 45,000 and Joseph Couden put in the fourth bet to 60,000 from the big blind. Baker tanked for a bit and folded after which Su called.

  • Su Lives On 06-22-2012

    Stephen Su had chopped an all in against Greg Mueller, and was now under the gun with just 30,500 chips. He went for it again and raised it up to 24,000. Chip leader Joseph Couden was to his left and three-bet.

  • Su Crippled by the Pi Master 06-22-2012

    Omaha Hi/Lo: We caught the action on the flop when both Stephen Su and Chris "PiMaster" Viox checked to Greg Mueller, who put out a bet. Su proceeded to check-raise, Viox did the same, and Muller got out of the way.

  • Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 21st Place ($7,900)
    Barry Greenstein Eliminated in 21st Place ($7,900) 06-22-2012

    Razz Barry Greenstein was knocked down to just a few chips when his final hand came around. Stephen Su and Konstantin Puchkov both did their best knocking out the tripple bracelet winner.

  • Su Brings us Down to 50 06-21-2012

    We are down to 50 players and just two spots off the money after Stephen Su just knocked a short stack out.

  • Last Year's Runner-Up Eliminated 06-10-2012

    We didn't catch the hand, but we can confirm that last year's runner-up, Stephen Su, has been eliminated from the tournament. He started the day with just 3,600, and unfortunately for him he couldn't run it up.

  • Goodbye, Mr. Su 06-04-2012

    Stephen Su was all in on the first three cards and watched David Oppenheim and David Williams both check the turn. Oppenheim proceeded to bet fifth and sixth, Williams called, and then both men checked seventh.

  • Harman Clawing Back 06-04-2012

    After a player brought it in with the , Stephen Su completed and found a lone caller in the form of Jen Harman. The latter proceeded to call abet on the turn, and then watched Su fire out another bet on fifth street.

  • Su Straightens Out A Big Pot 06-04-2012

    Brown: (x-x) / fold Su: (x-x) / / (x) Harmen: (x-x) / fold Opponent 1: (x-x) / / (x) Opponent 2: (x-x) / / (x) Team PokerStars pro Chad Brown brought in, and Su raised it to 200.

  • Ladies Ruling Table 363 06-04-2012

    Over at table 363, we noticed two of the most prominent female pros in the game today. Jennifer Harmen has two World Series of Poker bracelets on her resume, one in 2000, and the other in 2002.

  • Stephen Su Eliminated in 3rd Place ($50,332)
    Stephen Su Eliminated in 3rd Place ($50,332) 06-03-2012

    After making quads on fifth street in a previous hand, Andy Bloch completed with the . Stephen Su raised with the , and Barry Greenstein, who brought it in with the , folded. Bloch called.

  • Bloch Over 900K
    Bloch Over 900K 06-03-2012

    Andy Bloch just scooped a pot to move over 900,000 in chips. He won the hand off of Stephen Su, who dipped back to 335,000. Bloch bet the whole way as his board ran out / .

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