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  • Finne Not Feeling Fine 07-13-2013

    Timothy Finne's Main Event run has come to an end at the start of Level 18 after taking his and the last of his chips up against Yi Fang's .

  • Finne Gets Aces Again 07-13-2013

    A player moved all in for 131,000 from middle position, as the action fell on Timothy Finne. From the hijack, he made the call, as the rest of the table folded their hands.

  • Finne Aces Liu 07-13-2013

    Timothy Finne opened to 14,000 from late position. Cheng Liu was on the button, and raised it up to 42,000, as the blind got out of the way. With the action back on Finne, he bumped it up to 77,000.

  • Timothy Finne Busts Just Before Dinner, and Just Before the Cash 07-05-2013

    We caught up with the action as the second draw was being made in a three way pot involving Timothy Finne, Konstantin Puchkov, and Hernan Salazar. Puchkov drew two cards, while Finne and Salazar both drew one.

  • Puchkov Takes Two in a Row 07-05-2013

    Action folded to Timothy Finne in the small blind, and he limped in. Konstantin Puchkov raised it up from the big blind, and Finne called, then drew three cards. Puchkov drew two, and bet out after Finne checked.

  • Finne Still In 07-05-2013

    Timothy Finne was just all in before the first draw for his last 1,200 versus Mikey Stotz. Stotz drew two, one, then one, while Finne drew three, one, then stood pat.

  • Mercier Survives 07-04-2013

    As Table 364 pushed through the last four hands of the night, a short-stacked Jason Mercier tried on a couple of occasions to get his last chips in the middle, finally getting a taker on the final hand in Timothy Finne.

  • Mercier Gets Some Much Needed Chips 07-04-2013

    Jason Mercier raised it up in early position, and Timothy Finne three bet it from the big blind. Mercier called, then drew two cards. Finne drew one, then fired out a bet. Mercier raised it up, leaving himself just 1,500 behind.

  • Finne Wins Without Showdown 06-22-2013

    Tim Finne: / / Seat 9: / / Frankie O’Dell: / (folded fifth) Seat 9 brought in with the on show, Frankie O’Dell completed, Tim Finne called and Seat 9 tossed in the extra chips to call.

  • Tim Finne Eliminated By Robert Mizrachi 06-15-2013

    We caught the very end of the hand, but Tim Finne's last chips went into the pot after the river of an board (the turn may have been the , but it doesn't affect the situation).

  • Short-Stacked Finne Doubles 06-15-2013

    Tim Finne raised from UTG+1 and Kevin Zhang three-bet from UTG+2. Action folded back to Finne who called. The flop came down and Finne's remaining 1,200 or so found its way to the middle.

  • Timothy Finne Eliminated in 18th Place ($9,583)
    Timothy Finne Eliminated in 18th Place ($9,583) 06-08-2013

    Timothy Finne: / / Yuval Bronshtein: / / The chips are flying with each and every hand, and no one's stack has went up and down more than Timothy Finne's. Unfortunately it just went down for the last time courtesy of Yuval Bronshtein.

  • Hastings Takes a Big Hit 06-08-2013

    Timothy Finne: / / Brian Hastings: / / Timothy Finne tossed out a bet on fourth street only to have Brian Hastings raise. Finne made the call and then raised when Hastings bet fifth.

  • Cousineau Stays Alive 06-08-2013

    Timothy Finne: / Tony Cousineau: / / Eric Rodawig: / / After Eric Rodawig brought it in with the , Timothy Finne completed and Tony Cousineau raised. Rodwig called, as did Finne, and it was three-way action to fourth.

  • Aces Up for Rodawig 06-08-2013

    Timothy Finne: / / Eric Rodawig: / / We caught the action on fourth when Eric Rodawig bet 6,000 and Timothy Finne called. Rodawig then check-called a bet of 12,000 on fifth before checking for a second time on sixth.

  • "Perfect Seven" 06-07-2013

    Eric Rodawig: / / Timothy Finne: / / After Eric Rodawig completed with the , Timothy Finne raised with the . Rodawig called, and then bet when Finne checked fourth. Finne made the call and then he bet when Rodawig checked fifth.

  • Finne vs. Lefkowitz vs. Zeidman 06-07-2013

    Cory Zeidman: / / Timothy Finne: / / Matt Lefkowitz: / / We picked up action on fourth street when Matt Lefkowitz bet a pair of sixes and both Cory Zeidman and Timothy Finne called.

  • "Biggest Pot of the Tournament so Far"
    "Biggest Pot of the Tournament so Far" 06-07-2013

    Max Pescatori: / / Eli Elezra: / / Cory Zeidman: / / Timothy Finne: / / We just happened upon a massive four-way pot that was accurately described by Eli Elezra as, "The biggest pot of the tournament so far.

  • The Defending Champ is Gone
    The Defending Champ is Gone 11-08-2012

    PokerStars Team Online Randy 'Nananoko' Lew has just been eliminated by Timothy Finne.

  • Timothy Finne Eliminated in 2nd Place ($165,486)
    Timothy Finne Eliminated in 2nd Place ($165,486) 06-29-2012

    Steven Loube began heads-up play with about a 3-to-1 chip advantage, and after a couple of small-pot hands, enjoyed about the same lead when Timothy Finne limped in from the button.

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