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  • De Korver Tanks for 12 Minutes; Folds 07-11-2013

    Pieter de Korver opened from the cutoff to 1,300 only to have Will Failla three bet to 3,300. De Korver made the call and then check-called 2,200 on the flop before the on the turn was checked through.

  • Ruth, Rast, Failla Fall 06-24-2013

    Alex Manzano continues his rush after knocking out Peter Linton a short while ago, earning yet another KO after sending Patrick Ruth to the rail. Ruth joins recent elimination Brian Rast.

  • Cinderella Failla 06-24-2013

    Will "The Thrill" Failla began the day 117th out of 117 in chips. Before play began, he took to Twitter to describe his plight: Will Failla @WILLFAILLAI'm the shortest stack of day two in the 5K PLO at the WSOP. We start at 2 pm.

  • Will Failla Eliminated in 23rd Place ($11,915); Brent Johnson Eliminated in 22nd Place ($11,915)
    Will Failla Eliminated in 23rd Place ($11,915); Brent Johnson Eliminated in 22nd Place ($11,915) 06-21-2013

    Will Failla raised in middle position, Scott Clements three-bet on his direct left, Brent Johnson flatted on the button, and Failla raised the pot.

  • Failla Grabs a Few 06-21-2013

    Scott Clements limped from under the gun, then Will Failla raised pot to 18,000. Ali Lareybi called from a seat over, and when it folded back to Clements he decided to fold after asking and learning Failla had about 135,000 behind.

  • "I Know You're Bluffing" 06-21-2013

    Will Failla raised to 10,000 from under the gun, Elie Payan called out of the small blind, and the dealer fanned . Payan led out for 12,000, Failla called, and the turn was the . "Pot," Payan said, making it 48,000 to go.

  • "BUST SOMEBODY!!!" 06-21-2013

    Hand-for-hand play has continued for well over a half-hour, and now they are approaching the end of Level 12 and the next scheduled break.

  • Failla's Flush 06-20-2013

    When we arrived at Table 371, three players had just tabled their cards with the board reading . AP Phahurat: Will Failla: Unknown Player: The unknown player was all in and hit the rail, while Failla is up to 47,000 chips.

  • Open Fold 06-20-2013

    On a flop we saw the big blind check-call a 225 bet by Will Failla. The turn was the and both players checked.

  • Failla Has Chips 06-03-2013

    The table we just described has been broken and we spotted Will Failla (with chips) a couple of tables down. It appears he just didn't get his chips yet at the last table.

  • Will Failla Is Not Leaving 06-03-2013

    That's right, Will Failla is still in his seat but he has no chips in front of him. "I'm not leaving" he laughs, "I already busted but I'm not leaving, nobody is taking my seat!".

  • Deeb Busts Failla 01-13-2013

    Will Failla opened for a raise, Shaun Deeb three-bet to 3,500 from the small blind, and Failla called. The flop fell , and Deeb led for 4,075. Failla called.

  • Failla Doubles 01-10-2013

    George Lind opened to 2,000 under the gun and the next player to act went all in for about 25,000. Will Failla called all in from middle position for 6,400 and the rest of the table, including Lind, folded.

  • Losing to Ten High Not Such a Thrill for Failla 09-30-2012

    Will "The Thrill" Failla raised to 700 under the gun and was called by both blinds. Two checks on the flop put action on Failla, and he bet 1,525. Only Gael Duchesne called from the small blind and the turned.

  • Shak Sends Failla Packing 09-28-2012

    We just caught the end of the all in between Will Failla and Dan Shak. The latter had {42s} and beat Failla's when the board ran out . Shak is doing very well while Failla made his way to the exit.

  • Failla and Benyamine Bust
    Failla and Benyamine Bust 09-11-2012

    Just before break, we lost David Benyamine and Will Failla. According to Benyamine, he only won one hand today. On his final hand, he got the remainder of his short stack in the middle with , and ran into the of Gaethan Milvaque.

  • On the Rivet
    On the Rivet 09-11-2012

    Guillaume Rivet opened to 400 from late position, and Will Failla called out of the small blind. The flop fell , and Failla checked. Rivet continued for 475, and Failla called.

  • The Thrill Is Gone 07-13-2012

    Will "The Thrill" Failla has been battling with the short stack for most of the day, as he explained to Lynn Gilmartin on the last break in the video below.

  • WSOP 2012: Will Failla Needing Chips 07-13-2012

    Will 'The Thrill' Failla isn't getting what he needs during the WSOP Main Event, but he is still trekking along towards the end of Day 3. Video: http://www.pokernews.com/video/wsop-2012-will-failla-needing-chips-6939.htm

  • Mitchell Over Failla 07-13-2012

    Following an under-the-gun minimum raise to 6,000 by James Mitchell, it folded all of the way back to Will Failla in the big blind who called. The flop came monotone — — and Failla checked. Mitchell bet 12,000, and Failla called.

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