2012 Sydney Poker Championships Results: Events 3-6

Posted at 20:00 2012-08-10 by Matthew Pitt

Earlier in the week we brought you the results and the winners from the 2012 Sydney Poker Championships so it is only fair that we bring you up to date with the latest goings on at the Star City Casino, Sydney.

Event #3 was the $550 No Limit Hold'em Bounty tournament that was a whole heap of fun thanks to the bounty format being thrown in there. By the time the dust had settled on the tournament floor it was Brett Owen who emerged victorious, netting himself $12,320 for his efforts.

Sydney Poker Championships Event #3 Results

PositionNamePrize (AUD)
1Brett Owen$12,230
2Matthew Pongrass$8,512
3William Skountzos$6,272
4Nick Velcic$4,256
5Stewart Davidson$3,136
6Robert Bechara$2,352
7Shivan Abdine$1,904
8Adam Ratten$1,568
9Chris Bridle$1,344
10Daniel McCartney$1,120
11Suraj Dutt$1,008
12Marc Liddell$1,008

Event #4 was the popular six-handed event that so some high octane action take place. The short handed format allows the more aggressive players to succeed and one man who certainly succeeded was Michael Mayar, the eventual champion. Mayar defeated Tianchun Zhang heads-up to get his hands on the $18,330 first place prize.

Sydney Poker Championships Event #4 Results

PositionNamePrize (AUD)
1Michael Mayar$18,330
2Tianchun Zhang$12,337
3Nabil Edgiton$9,165
4Martyn Poytress$5,992
5Mile Krstanoski$4,583
6Andrew Miller$3,701
7Ricardo Faura$2,291
8Lindsay Beach$2,291
9Hai Chu$2,291
10Graham Hounsell$1,763
11Andrew Lock$1,763
12Chris Bridle$1,763
13Paul Pedersen$1,410
14Osama Hassan$1,410
15Scott Calcagno$1,410

Event #5 was the teams event sporting a $440 buy-in. It was Andrew Han who was the eventual champion, knocking out Geoffrey Robson Scott to claim the victory.

Sydney Poker Championships Event #5 Results

PositionNamePrize (AUD)
1Andrew Han$11,160
2Geoffrey Robson Scott$7,440
3Timothy Cocaro$5,394
4Clinton Maloney$3,534
5Hussein Mrad$2,604
6Lerrina Heinrich$1,953
7David Ndaira$1,674
8Elias Jaajaa$1,395
9Diwei Huang$1,116
10Joseph Papuolias$930

The first non-Hold'em event of the Sydney Poker Championships took place on Event #6, te $440 Pot Limit Omaha. The popular four-card variant produces action like no other game and this one was no different as there were bad beats galore, excitement and dismay in abundance! One man who will remember the game fondly is Antonis Kambouroglow who left the casino as champion and with $10,200 in his back pocket.

Sydney Poker Championships Event #6 Results

PositionNamePrize (AUD)
1Antonis Kambouroglow$10,200
2Camil Alfred Debsia$6,800
3Will Skountzos$4,930
4Ryan McKay$3,230
5Simon Palmer$2,380
6Mark Fester$1,785
7Richard Olencewicz$1,530
8Marcus Pritchard$1,275
9Matthew Cauchi$1,020
10David Tam$850

There are still plenty of events to get your teeth in at the 2012 Sydney Poker Championships so head down to the Star City Casino today and get involved in this fabulous festival.

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