Daniel Negreanu Gives His Thoughts On The WSOP APAC

Posted at 10:11 2012-05-17 by Barry Gallagher

Daniel Negreanu is a true legend of the game and one of the most respected players there is today. The Team Pokerstars Pro is having a huge 2012 with already well over $1 million in live tournament earnings and recently lost heads up with a SCOOP bracelet within his sights.

For those not in the know, over the last months Negreanu has produced a “weekly rant” video. Along with being very compelling watch, it has become a must-watch for large sections of the poker community. He has shown himself to be a straight talker and the vast majority of what he says — most people will agree — is fairly logical.

Last week, in between segments with the crazy birds chirping and tweeting in the background at his brother's Toronto home, he turned his attention briefly to the WSOP APAC. The Canadian didn’t seem to be fully informed on the details of the festival, he said “there will be seven or eight events” when in fact there will only be five bracelet events. However, his thoughts are important as he has shown in the past his power in poker circles and in particular with the WSOP as his influence is credited with recent rule changes including allowing players to disclose information about their hand in certain circumstances.

Negreanu said he is “ok” with the WSOP expansion and agreed Melbourne is a great location but warned that the WSOP shouldn’t push on much further than this with more non-Las Vegas bracelets. He argued that the reason the bracelets are so coveted is that all the best players are there to compete for them and the Vegas series attracts them all. His concern is based on if the WSOP becomes a “travelling tour” less and less people will show up for the events and the prestige of the bracelet with decline.

But he says the timing of the WSOP APAC appears to be good and he determines that the WSOP now covers the three major areas of the world and that’s enough in his opinion. He concludes by saying he hopes they don’t push it any further and confirms he will be there next April in Melbourne.

You can watch the entire weekly rant in the video below, his thoughts on the WSOP APAC start around the 03:30 mark.

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Daniel Negreanu (Photo: Lina Olofsson) Daniel Negreanu (Photo: Lina Olofsson)

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