Monday Mayhem Returns To The Crown!

Posted at 09:00 2012-04-24 by Matthew Pitt

Regulars at the Crown Poker rooms are celebrating the fact one of the most popular tournaments on the calendar has returned to its original day and time of 19:10 on Monday nights; The Monday Mayhem tournament!

Monday Mayhem has an initial $20 buy-in but you are allowed to rebuy for just $10 for the first 90-minutes! This not only creates a lot of action with chips flying everywhere but it also means the first place prize is a guaranteed $1,000! What better way to start the week than with $1,000 in your back pocket?

Each players starts with 1,500 tournament chips and can rebuy 1,000 more for $10 whenever they have 1,500 or fewer chips in their stack. At the end of the sixth level there is a scheduled break where an add-on is available to all players still in the tournament as shown in the table below.

Add-on AmountChips Added

The blind structure of Monday Mayhem is played to a 15-minute clock and has been designed to give a decent amount of play in it but to also generate excitement and action as you can see in the image below.

The Monday mayhem has something for everyone regardless of their bankroll sizes. You may want to play tight and try to make it through on a single bullet or you may want to rebuy like crazy in an attempt to have a lot of chips on your table. However you want to play it PokerNetwork wishes you the best of luck!

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Monday Mayhem Returns! Monday Mayhem Returns!

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