The Online Railbird Report: Blom Over $4 Million for 2013; Huge Week for Hendon

Posted at 12:05 2013-03-26 by Chad Holloway

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) XXII has been going strong all week on Full Tilt Poker, and complimenting it has been a strong selection of high-stakes cash games. Last week, we told you about Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s incredible $1,781,535 win, and he was back at it this week, adding $763,306 to his bankroll in 21,046 hands spread across 159 sessions. That win made him the year’s biggest winner thus far with over $4 million in profit.

While that win was nice, it was behind both Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon and Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius. The former finished as the week’s biggest winner by winning $1,089,696 (31 sessions/5,186 hands) while the latter banked $996,237 (29 sessions/3,192 hands).

On the flip side, it was a terrible week for “SallyWoo”, who dropped $1,079,216 in just 2,763 hands over 14 sessions — enough to make him the week’s biggest loser. Others who did not fare well were Phil “Polarizing” Ivey (-$456,104 in 6 sessions/1,061 hands), Tom “durrrr” Dwan (-$289,050 in 10 sessions/655 hands) and Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky (-$228,928 in 8 sessions/982 hands).

Blom Takes on Hendon and Dwan

On Friday, March 15, Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom squared off at the fixed-limit Omaha hi/lo (FLO8) tables. The two played nearly 1,000 hands over four hours, and Hendon was up nearly $450,000 at one point. However, his Swedish opponent was able to pull even in the middle stages of the match. As is often the case, Blom’s up-and-down style of play saw the pendulum swing the other way, and Hendon ultimately walked away a $353,200 winner.

It was a big beat for Blom, but it wasn’t as bad as it seemed as he had won $464,000 earlier in the day at the pot-limit Omaha tables. It was there that he took Tom “durrrr” Dwan for $225,000 in just 30 minutes.

In the biggest hand of the match, which came at the $300/$600 tables, Dwan ($78,886.50) opened for $1,800 only to have Blom ($119,997.50) three-bet to $5,400. Dwan responded with a four-bet to $16,200, Blom called, and the flop fell {j-Clubs}{8-Spades}{4-Spades}. Blom checked, Dwan bet $32,400, and the Swede check-raised all in for $103,797.50. Dwan called off his remaining $30,286.50, and the cards were turned up.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan
Tom "durrrr" Dwan

Dwan: {3-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts}
Blom: {7-Clubs}{j-Spades}{9-Spades}{k-Hearts}

Dwan had flopped a pair of fours with an open-ended straight draw, but it was behind the jacks and flush draw of Blom. The {3-Hearts} turn gave Dwan the lead with two pair, but it was short lived as the {8-Hearts} peeled off on the river to give Blom a bigger two pair and the $157,773 pot.

While that pot was juicy, there were a couple bigger ones at a $250/$500 PLO game that sprung up with Blom, Jens “Ingenious89” Kyllönen and “samrostan” (who is purportedly “patpatpanda”). Here’s a look at two other notable pots:

Hand #1: Kyllönen ($35,963.59) opened for $1,500 on the button, and “samrostan” ($222,597) called from the small blind. Blom ($115,845.44) then three-bet to $6,300 from the big, both his opponents called, and it was three-way action to the {2-Spades}{10-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} flop. After “samrostan” checked, Blom fired out $14,000, and Kyllönen folded. “Samrostan” then woke up with a check-raise to $61,200, Blom moved all in for $109,545.44 total, and “samrostan” called to create a pot of $238,090.

“samrostan”: {6-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{2-Clubs}
Blom: {k-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{8-Hearts}{j-Spades}

“Samrostan” had flopped two pair and the nut-flush draw, but Blom was drawing big to a massive wrap and a straight flush. The {J-Clubs} turn completed the said straight for Blom, and after the {5-Spades} blanked on the river, he was pushed the pot.

Hand #2: “Samrostan” ($98,322.50) opened for $1,500 on the button and then called when Blom ($113,737) three-bet to $5,300. The latter then led out for $6,000 on the {3-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{10-Spades} flop, “samrostan” raised to $15,360, and Blom made it $28,500 to go. Not to be outdone, “samrostan” four-bet to $57,360 and then called off his last $35,662.50 when Blom five-bet to $108,437.

“samrostan”: {a-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{7-Hearts}{8-Spades}
Blom: {3-Clubs}{3-Spades}{5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}

“Samrostan” had flopped trip tens with an ace kicker, but it was no good as Blom flopped threes full of tens. Neither the {2-Spades} turn nor {K-Hearts} river helped “samrostan,” and he watched the $197,244 pot pushed to his opponent.

Ray Wins Nearly a Million Over the Weekend; Hendon Banks $325,700 on Sunday

Kyle “KPR16” Ray
Kyle “KPR16” Ray

It was a robust weekend at the Full Tilt Poker FLO8 tables as both Kyle “KPR16” Ray and Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon took advantage of Viktor “Isildur1” Blom’s three-day bender. Ray was the biggest beneficiary, finishing as the biggest winner on both Saturday and Sunday for a combined $980,000, but Sunday was also kind to Hendon, who banked $345,700.

On Saturday, Ray profited $615,000 off Blom before the latter went on to face off against “SallyWoo”, who was the year’s biggest FLO8 winner up to that point. Blom managed to get back $400,000, but then lost it all back and then some to Ray in a five-hour match actually took place in the early Sunday morning hours. Blom continued to play and once again hit an upswing, taking $250,000 more from “SallyWoo” ad then winning nearly $400,000 at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables against the likes of “samrostan” and Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn. After losing some of that back, Blom eventually logged off a $109,000 loser on Sunday.

Millar vs. Blom in Tuesday Action

On Tuesday, March 19, a $300/$600 no-limit hold’em game broke out between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar. If you recall, Blom took $700,000 off Millar back in January, but this week Millar got $170,400 of it back, some of which came from winning the day’s two biggest pots.

In the largest, Blom ($73,124.39) opened for $1,800 and then called when Millar ($146,192) three-bet to $6,000, bringing about a flop of {2-Spades}{J-Hearts}{6-Hearts}. Millar led out for $7,200, Blom called, and the {8-Spades} turned. This time Millar slowed down with a check, but ended up check-calling a bet of $13,800. Millar checked for a second time when the {3-Hearts} completed the board on the river, and Blom moved all in for his last $46,124.40 with the {J-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. Millar called with the {7-Hearts}{8-Hearts} flush and took down the $146,248.

In the second-largest pot of the day, Millar ($72,179) opened for $1,200 and then called when Blom ($147,139.89) made it $5,400 to go. The {6-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{j-Hearts} flop saw Millar call a bet of $7,200, and then Blom checked the {6-Clubs} turn. Millar took the opportunity to bet $12,000, and Blom responded with an all-in check-raise to $134,539.89. Millar called off his remaining $47,579 with the {6-Hearts}{5-Hearts}, which was far ahead of Blom’s {3-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} straight draw. The {K-Diamonds} river failed to help Blom, and he watched the $144,358 pot pushed to Millar.

Blom Continues to Roll with $515,200 Wednesday Win

It was a busy week for Viktor “Isildur1” Blom who was pretty much in nonstop action. That continued on Wednesday when the young Swede took to the FLO8 and $250/$500 PLO tables and won $515,200, which made him the year’s biggest winner thus far with over $4 million in profit. Approximately $250,000 of that came from a PLO game against Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky, which is where the ten biggest pots of the day occurred. Here’s a look at the top three:

Hand #1: Blom ($112,814.25) opened for $1,700, Sulsky ($87,136.25) called, and the flop fell {6-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}. Sulsky checked, Blom bet $2,500, and Sulsky sprung to life with a check-raise to $8,500. A call was made, and then Sulsky resorted to checking on the {3-Hearts} turn. Blom kept the pressure on with a $14,500 bet, but Sulsky pushed back with another check-raise, this time to a hefty $64,100. Blom not only called the raise, he called when Sulsky moved all in for his last $12,836.25 on the {J-Hearts} river. Sulsky rolled over {8-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{7-Spades}{5-Diamonds} for a missed straight, and Blom revealed {10-Hearts}{a-Spades}{6-Clubs}{4-Hearts} to claim the $174,272 pot.

Hand #2: Sulsky ($79,199) opened for $1,700 and then called when Blom ($195,749.50) three-bet to $5,300. Sulsky then called a bet of $7,000 on the {k-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{j-Spades} flop, the {7-Diamonds} turned, and Blom slowed down with a check. Sulsky fired out $11,500, Blom called, and the {10-Spades} completed the board on the river. Blom opted to lead out for $47,800 and Sulsky made a quick call. Blom tabled the {k-Clubs}{q-Clubs}{9-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} for a straight, and it was good enough to win the $143,400 pot as Sulsky simply mucked.

Hand #3:


Biggest Winners/Losers (Full Tilt Poker)

Week’s biggest winners (3/4-3/20): Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon (+$1,089,696), Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius (+$996,237), Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (+$763,306), Kyle “KPR16” Ray (+$448,904), Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic (+$198,494)

Week’s biggest losers: “SallyWoo” (-$1,079,216), Phil “Polarizing” Ivey (-$456,104), “PixKim” (-$420,702), Tom “durrrr” Dwan (-$289,050), “J B E Z 2 E Z” (-$247,924), Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky (-$228,928)

Year’s biggest winners: Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (+$4,063,347), Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn (+$3,479,567), Ben “Bttech86” Tollerene (+$1,841,245), Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond (+$1,797,335), Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius (+$1,257,234), Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon (+$1,185,923), Hac “1Il|1Il|1il|” Dang* (+$980,031), Kyle “KPR16” Ray (+$919,752), Ronny “ronnyr37617” Kaiser (+$873,763), “Odd_Oddsen” (+$758,907), Tom “durrrr” Dwan (+$717,506)

Year’s biggest losers: Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky (-$1,904,302), Phil “Polarizing” Ivey (-$1,851,903), Gus Hansen (-$1,640,949), “patpatpanda” (-$1,330,885), Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver (-$1,220,393), “punting-peddler” (-$1,099,064), “CRAIN85” (-$925,500), Alex “IReadYrSoul” Millar (-$839,342), Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies (-$821,040), “Johnbest” (-$793,503)

*Denotes PokerStars

Data, hands and replayer obtained from HighStakesDB.com

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