The Online Railbird Report: “Odd_Oddsen" and Jens Kyllönen Have $500,000-Plus Weeks

Posted at 12:15 2012-09-16 by Chad Holloway

The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker is in full swing, so it’s no surprise that some juicy cash games have sprung up to complement the premiere online tournament series. This week there were plenty of games to choose from including both $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha and no-limit hold’em, meaning there were some huge winners and losers.

No one did better than “Odd_Oddsen,” who took a shot at the nosebleeds and walked away $707,399 richer after 31,074 hands spread across 328 sessions. Rounding out the top three were Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen (+$591,642 in 198 sessions/12,833 hands) and Alex “Kanu7” Millar (+$491,310). It’s also worth noting that a $443,367 win put Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky back atop the yearly leaderboard, now nearly $400,000 in front of “EireAbu.”

Gus “broksi” Hansen was the biggest loser for the second week in a row after dropping a staggering $600,144 in 3,756 hands across 33 sessions. Not far behind were “mtvdeuem” (-$598,088 in 257 sessions/9,029 hands) and “patpatman” (-$587,427 in 167 sessions/9,635 hands). Rounding out the top five were a couple of other familiar names in Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (-$329,052 in 213 sessions/8,024 hands) and Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies (-$305,743 in 22 sessions/1,756 hands).

“FaKeOrReaL” May Not Be the Real Deal

In last week’s Online Railbird Report, we told you about mystery player “FaKeOrReaL.” The player first appeared at the high-stakes tables in July, but made his presence known on Wednesday, Aug. 29 when he played nearly 8,000 hands of $50/$100 PLO and won an impressive $216,800.

On Friday, Sept. 7, “FaKeOrReaL” was back at it as he won $354,000 playing the same game against “mtvdeuem” and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, taking approximately $250,000 from the former and $75,000 from the latter. “FaKeOrReaL” even took a little off “Odd_Oddsen” on his way to becoming the day’s biggest winner.

The very next day, “FaKeOrReaL” and “Odd_Oddsen” returned to duke it out in a marathon 12,000 hands spread across a number tables. When the two opted to take a break for sleep, “Odd_Oddsen” had relieved “FaKeOrReaL” of $374,000. Here’s a look at the two biggest hands from that heads-up match:

Hand #1: “FaKeOrReaL” ($44,234) opened for $300 from the button, “Odd_Oddsen” ($96,760) called, and the flop came down {5-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}. “Odd_Oddsen” proceeded to check-raise “FaKeOrReaL’s” $400 bet up to $1,400, only to have his opponent three-bet $3,000. Not to be outdone, “Odd_Oddsen” four-bet to $10,000, “FaKeOrReaL” called, and the {8-Clubs} was put out on the turn. “Odd_Oddsen” wasted little time in leading out for $17,798, and then called when “FaKeOrReaL” moved all in for $33,934. The {A-Hearts} river completed the board and “FaKeOrReaL” rolled over {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}{J-Clubs} for a set of jacks. “Odd_Oddsen” then revealed the superior {K-Spades}{K-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{7-Spades} for a set of kings and the $88,466 pot.

Hand #2: “Odd_Oddsen” ($51,131) opened for $200 and then four-bet to $1,800 after “FaKeOrReaL” ($44,139) had three-bet to $600. The latter made the call and then check-called a bet of $2,350 on the {2-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} flop, bringing about the {3-Diamonds} turn. “FaKeOrReaL” checked for a second time, but then woke up with a check-raise to $27,198 when “Odd_Oddsen” bet $6,300. “Odd_Oddsen” pushed back with a three-bet to $47,031, and “FaKeOrReaL” called off his remaining $12,791.

“FaKeOrReaL”: {Q-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{6-Spades}
“Odd_Oddsen”: {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{K-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

“FaKeOrReaL” was ahead with two pair, but he needed to dodge “Odd_Oddsen’s” plethora of outs. That’s exactly what he did when the {5-Clubs} blanked on the river, and the $88,276 was pushed to “FaKeOrReaL’s” way.

Alex “Kanu7” Millar Shows “patpatman” Just Why He’s the NLHE King

On Sunday, Alex “Kanu7” Millar increased his no-limit hold’em winnings for 2012 up to $1.6 million after dismantling “patpatman” of $377,000 in $200/$400 NLHE. They played two sessions, and the first saw Millar win $117,000 in 250 hands. In the second, which lasted approximately 400 hands, Millar added $260,000 to his bankroll.

In their biggest hand, Millar ($78,021.30) raised to $800 only to have “patpatman” ($100,000) three-bet to $2,900. Millar made the call and then called when “patpatman” led out for $3,768.69 on the {A-Spades}{4-Spades}{K-Hearts} flop. Millar proceeded to call another bet on the {9-Diamonds} turn, this time $9,600, and then watched “patpatman” fire out $28,800 on the {6-Spades} river. Millar raised all in for $61,752.61 and it proved enough to win the pot as “patpatman” simply folded.

In another notable hand, “patpatman” ($100,000) raised to $800 and Millar ($107,592.69) three-bet $3,200. The action didn’t stop there as “patpatman” four-bet $8,800, Millar five-bet $22,200, a call was made, and the flop fell {5-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{6-Spades}. Millar was first to act and led out for $16,400, “patpatman” called, and the {J-Hearts} was put out on the turn. Millar didn’t slow down and moved all in for $68,992.69, which inspired “patpatman” to fold and conceded the $77,198 pot.

$200/$400 no-limit hold'em is a big game, but the $200/$400 pot-limit Omaha games are even bigger. That’s where Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen won $287,400 and took down the day’s biggest pot against Gus “broksi” Hansen.


Monday Rebound for “patpatman”

The $200/$400 PLO games continued on Monday and “patpatman” benefited greatly by becoming the day’s far-and-away biggest winner after booking $514,000 in profit. The lineup included Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies, Ben “Ben86” Tollerene, “FaKeOrReaL” and Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen, but it was Gus “broksi” Hansen who lost a staggering $417,000.

In his biggest win, which happened to be the largest pot of the day, action was five-handed when “patpatman” ($109,275) opened for $1,200 on the button. Sahamies ($139,602.25) then made it $4,400 to go from the small blind, the big got out of the way, and “patpatman” made the call, leading to the {4-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{K-Clubs} flop. From there, Sahamies check-called a bet of $6,800, and then checked the{8-Hearts} turn, prompting “patpatman” to bet $17,800. Sahamies woke up with a check-raise to $76,595, “patpatman” moved all in for $98,075 total, and Sahamies called, creating a massive $219,185 pot.

Sahamies: {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}{8-Spades}{7-Spades}
“patpatman”: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{K-Spades}{6-Hearts}

Sahamies held two pair when the money went in, but it was behind the flopped set of queens of “patpatman.” The {2-Clubs} river failed to change a thing and “patpatman” was pushed the pot.

In another hand, action was three-handed when “patpatman” ($224,934) opened for $1,200 on the button and then called when Hansen ($68,485.28) three-bet to $4,240 from the small blind. The “Great Dane” fired out a bet of $9,115 on the {9-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{6-Hearts} flop, but “patpatman” wasn’t content and popped it to $36,460. Hansen responded by moving all in for $64,245.29, and “patpatman” called the additional $27,785.29.

Hansen: {Q-Spades}{10-Clubs}{9-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}
“patpatman”: {K-Clubs}{Q-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}

Hansen held three pair, and he needed to pair one of them on the river if he hoped to crack the nut straight of “patpatman.” Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t in the cards as the {2-Diamonds} blanked and the $137,446 pot was pushed to “patpatman.”

Kyllönen & Trickett Were Beneficiaries of Wednesday's $200/$400 PLO Action

The $200/$400 PLO games continued into the week and a big game on Wednesday attracted the likes of Ben “Ben86” Tollerene, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom, “patpatman,” Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen and even Sam “tr1cky7” Trickett. The latter two emerged as the big winners, banking $435,000 and $259,000 respectively. Here’s a look at the top two hands of the day:

Hand #1: Action was six-handed when Trickett ($75,263.27) opened for $800 from the hijack only to have Kyllönen ($179,087.64) three-bet $2,940 from the cutoff. “Patpatman” ($55,121.51) then put in a four-bet to $9,960 from the big blind, Trickett five-bet $33,960, two calls were made, and the flop came down {4-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs}. “Patpatman” checked, Trickett moved all in for $41,303.27, Kyllönen called, and “patpatman” check-called off his remaining $21,161.50.

Trickett: {A-Clubs}{A-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}
“patpatman”: {J-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{8-Clubs}
Kyllönen: {8-Spades}{7-Spades}{6-Hearts}{2-Hearts}

The {3-Hearts} turn gave Kyllönen the nut straight and the lead, and the {K-Spades} river guaranteed him the $205,862 pot.

Hand #2: In a five-handed game, action folded around to Kyllönen ($144,764.84) on the button and he raised to $500. “Patpatman” ($76,393.75) then three-bet to $1,900 from the small blind and then called when Kyllönen four-bet $6,600. The {8-Spades}{2-Clubs}{9-Diamonds} flop saw “patpatman” lead out for $12,595, Kyllönen call, and the {5-Spades} appear on the turn. Again “patpatman” led out, this time for $37,785, and Kyllönen responded by raising to $75,570. “Patpatman” only had $19,413.75 behind and committed it to the pot.

“patpatman”: {A-Spades}{K-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}{9-Spades}
Kyllönen: {J-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{7-Spades}{6-Spades}

Kyllönen had flopped a massive wrap, which he hit on the turn. That left “patpatman” drawing to a spade, and though the {Q-Clubs} river was a black card, it was a club, sending the $153,103 pot to Kyllönen.

Biggest Weekly PokerStars Winners/Losers

Week’s biggest winners (9/7-9/13): “Odd_Oddsen” (+$707,399), Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen (+$591,642), Alex “Kanu7” Millar (+$491,310), Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$443,367), Vladimir “GVOZDIKA55” Shchemelev (+364,566), “Chung ho” (+$285,505), Sam “tr1cky7” Trickett (+$282,648)

Week’s biggest losers: Gus “broksi” Hansen (-$600,144), “mtvdeuem” (-$598,088), “patpatman” (-$587,427), Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (-$329,052), Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies (-$305,743), “FaKeOrReaL” (-$282,514)

Year-to-date winners: Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky (+$3,023,627), “EireAbu” (+$2,671,377), Jens “Jeans89” Kyllönen (+$2,117,538), Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond (+$1,898,550), “bernard-bb” (+$1,743,714), Ben “Ben86” Tollerene (+$1,703,364), Alex “Kanu7” Millar (+$1,611,181), Terje “Terken89” Augdal (+$1,386,670)

Year-to-date losers: “Zypherin” (-$2,963,920), Viktor “Isildur1” Blom (-$2,376,160), “patpatman” (-$1,301,863), Benny “toweliestar” Spindler (-$1,100,969), “1Il|1Il|1il|” (-$994,349), Gus “broksi” Hansen (-$882,420), Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies (-$768,383)

Data, hands and replayer obtained from HighStakesDB.com

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