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FINE TUNED " Un Oiled Machine "

March 07 2010

Written to by QUEEN-BEE


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New players to the game are so very important to the future of poker!

For all the players in poker leagues already running fined tuned engines a thought to be had. 

We are so fine tuned running like superb racecars compared to the new players wishing to have a go.

Think back a moment please!      To the earlier days back firing running rough totally out of tune.

The days you were nervous, unsure, and completely out of your comfort zone.

We let the obvious slip away!

Our road to improving our own mechanics is so set in our minds, completely forgetting our surroundings and the other new player’s machinery.

All of us at one stage were the new player, with UN tuned engines.

Learning what poker was all about.       Remember how that felt!

I’d like to refresh your memory as I remind myself of this everyday,

Remember driving to the venue? Plucking up the courage to ask who is in charge, filling out the forms while listening to the instructions from the one they call TD. As you sit down noticing how the players on your table know so much. The way they shuffle and listening to the bad beat stories they are sharing sound so cryptic. They are really fine tuned to this game, your inner self whispers. Not even entering your head they were once like you.

The game starts. Now this is when everything becomes really over whelming. Remember, winning your very first pot?
Heart attack material your adrenaline was so pumped. There is so much more to this game than you thought.

We so quickly forget how much pressure and expectations we as new players put on our un tuned engines. I often wonder! How many new players play one game and never return?

Not much time is taken from our game to simply take a moment to be understanding to these new players. Why not make a point of saying hello, showing them around, introduce them to someone on the table, making a point of asking in the break how they are traveling, being a little more patient during hands. 

We are giving these new players a positive out look into the world of poker. It really gives these players more of a chance in returning for another game, eventually maybe even joining us in a big event.

Down the road these new players may become our friends, and do exactly what we did for them for someone else.

What do we get out of it?



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