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QUEEN-BEEz HIVE Buzzes into Sin-City Seagulls

March 03 2010

Written to poker in australia by QUEEN-BEE


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Sin-City Seagulls will be hosting QUEEN-BEEz HIVE ( BEE POKER ) on a Wednesday night.   This is exciting news for me and any local players wishing to catch up each week for a game and pursue their dreams. 

BEE poker is expanding and has always been built on the freedom for any player to simply PLAY THEIR GAME in a social fun HIVE making dreams reality.  I believe without new players, poker would eventually fold and our dreams of a future within poker would become THAT!   just a dream.   

I created BEE Poker as a step up from free roll, giving myself and players the opportunity to improve our game to the next level and pursue our dreams within the poker industry.  My private games online are fun and a fantastic way in learning online skills and meeting players from all over the world.  

NOW having the opportunity to play live each week at Sin-City Seagulls, where players and myself in the local area will be able to band together, play beyond the free roll structure,  improving our skills even further and setting goals to meet our dreams.  Building a support network and pursuing dreams is the reality within the QUEEN-BEEz HIVE.

My passion is POKER and the LOVE for all players.  

I'm just a player like you thriving on the game, learning and pursuing a dream.  Join me Wednesday nights if you wish and setting goals supporting each other to compete in tournaments around Australia/NZ.  You have to BEE in it to win it,  so bring it on.

Thank you Sin-City for giving the HIVE a home and a chance for all players to pursue their dreams.  With the vast variety events and formats visit Sin City website.  

I can be contacted on facebook.





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