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Thread: Cash games in Queensland

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    Question Cash games in Queensland

    Hi all,

    I've been looking into cash games in Queensland and their legality, from what I can understand cash games in Queensland are illegal, except in the form of ring game, provided there is no rake or entry fee. I may have misunderstood this, so if I have feel free to correct me, the legislation isn't very clear for your average person to understand.

    Why is there no action in Queensland to make cash tournaments legal (outside of the casino - why should they have the monopoly on cash tourneys)?

    What kind of action would it take to get this legislation considered and revised? Is it an issue to take up with the local MP? A petition maybe?

    I feel that living in Queensland deprives us of the opportunity to play serious tournaments regularly and I don't see why, in a "free" country, entrepreneurs shouldn't have the opportunity to take advantage of a thriving industry.

    I play "pub" poker quite regularly but with the degraded quality of play due to certain merges and bad business decisions by the companies running the tournaments, I find it really difficult to take the game seriously, as do many others I know which is why the games are dwindling.

    I'd love to see poker in Queensland become a serious game



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    Default Re: Cash games in Queensland

    You need money behind you. Get Clive Palmer on board. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, but you either need to be a big 4 bank, Woolworths/Coles, a mining magnate or have an endangered fish in your waters to be able to get something changed in Queensland.

    Tourism is the best hope.
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    Default Re: Cash games in Queensland

    We run a small league that is legal in Queensland, as we are a not for profit organisation with no rake. If you are interested No Limits Social Club is the website or feel free to ask questions on here, or our facebook site.

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