Asian Poker Tour Updates Tournament Rules

Posted at 14:30 2013-08-14 by Matthew Pitt

Following an update to the Tournament Directors Association Rules (TDA Rules), the Asian Poker Tour (APT) has altered its own official rules with immediate effect. The new rules come into force for the upcoming APT Korea and beyond.

One rule change that will please the majority of players, dealers, floor staff and bloggers is the non-smoking rule. Players are no longer permitted to smoke at the table in the tournament area and will be issued with a one round penalty if they are caught smoking.

Changes have been made to a number of rules designed to prevent collusion, cheating and angle shooting. For example, players moving chips in a forward motion (across their hole cards) may be forced to put all of those chips into the pot under the Forward Motion Rule. Some players feign moving their chips forward as a bet in an attempt to gain a reaction from their opponent; it could be a costly move to make now.

While the tournament is in the hand-for-hand stage, players cannot visit other tables. Anyone breaking this rule will be first issued with a warning, while persistent offenders will receive a penalty. Keeping with hand-for-hand, player should not reveal their hands when there is an all-in and call unless the tournament director instructs them to do so.

The new rules, some of which have actually been adhered to for some time but are now 100% official, come into force at APT Korea. A full list of the new rules and the full APT rules can be found here and here respectively.

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