Australian and New Zealand 2013 WSOP Cashes Up to the Main Event

Posted at 16:00 2013-07-10 by Matthew Pitt

The 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event is in full swing and that means 61 other events have played out. The table below takes a look at all of the Australian and New Zealand cashes to date, up to the Main Event.

We found a few more today that were not listed previously. The reason for us not catching them the first time around was that our friends at the WSOP decided to put an Austrian flag next to some of the names to throw a curveball at us!

EventPlayerPositionPrize (USD)
2Brendon Rubie47$9,743
3Gary Small210$2,335
4Tam Truong102$2,871
6Tam Truong14$64,736
6Brendon Rubie62$17,725
6Paul Sharbanee504$3,510
7Gary Benson79$3,207
15Oliver Gill75$2,816
15Tim Duckworth89$2,595
16Warwick Mirzikinian11$26,237
18Karan Punjabi102$2,320
18Paul Bennett115$2,320
22Martin Kozlov25$8,443
23Gary Benson6$24,003
26Michel Bouskila6$117,799
30Paul Birman135$2,362
31Jarred Graham1$255,942
35Jamieson Pickering51$6,814
38Warwick Mirzikinian61$4,223
40Tam Truong34$12,223
40Russell Watkins$3,938 
40Daniel Neilson149$3,150
41Jamieson Pickering28$12,896
41Warwick Mirzikinian40$9,306
42Daniel Neilson10$19,939
42John Lane189$1,927
42Carmelo Frazzetto215$1,927
46Mel Judah2$172,361
46Joe Hachem20$8,550
49Raymond Ellis91$4,095
49Charles Caris116$3,640
49Tim Duckworth212$2,730
51Leanne Haas2$107,616
51Tania McBride17$6,387
51Jackie Glazier83$1,923
52Tyron Krost12$38,282
53Leigh Clark131$4,181
54Warwick Mirzikinian50$7,135
55Gary Benson16$55,947
56AJ Bertenshaw16$26,342
56Elias Jaajaa33$17,456
56David Borg96$6,003
56Aaron Benton118$5,371
57Grant Levy21$24,872
57Jonathan Pritchard37$17,097
57John Parker52$14,333
58Roberto Damelian36$16,779
59Dale Townsend22$5,812
60Jonathan Karamlikis61$8,027
60Justin Walch109$3,841
60Arthur Kalantzis209$3,087

The last handful of events have seen some great scores by Australian players. Elias Jaajaa finished 33rd in Event 56 for $17,456 while Grant Levy (21st in Event 57) Jonathan Pritchard (37th in Event 57), John Parker (52nd in Event 57) and Roberto Damelian (36th in Event #58) each won scores ranging from $16,779 up to $24,872.

Be sure to keep your browsers locked to PokerNetwork during the WSOP Main Event where we will strive to keep you up-to-date with the progress of Australian and New Zealand poker players in “The Big Dance.”

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