Martin Kozlov Wins ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

Posted at 00:52 2010-10-12

It was a fairytale ending to what seemed like a never-ending story of epic proportions, but Melbourne’s own Martin Kozlov scored a breakthrough victory and $195,700 in prize money in the 2010 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne Main Event after overcoming a 5:1 chip deficit against the odds-on favourite, 2010 WCOOP Player of the Series winner James ‘ANDY_McLEOD’ Obst.

From 310 on Day 1 to 105 on Day 2, just 11 players came back at 12.30pm AEDST on Monday, led by Kristina Jeney, who was quick to dispose of Ryan McKay in 11th place ($10,850) when her pocket kings held up against his {Ac}{Kc}. 30 minutes later, New Zealand’s last hope Joe Allis was sent back to the Land of the Long White Cloud in 10th place ($10,850) when Aussie Ted Nguyen’s {Ah}{Qs} improved to quad aces against his pocket kings. After a short break, the final table read thus:

Seat 1: Martin Koslov - 153,000
Seat 2: James Obst - 1,063,000
Seat 3: Daniel Laidlaw - 278,000
Seat 4: Kristina Jeney - 1,130,000
Seat 5: Amanda De Cesare - 492,000
Seat 6: Ben Savage - 798,000
Seat 7: David Chilcott - 662,000
Seat 8: Ted Nguyen - 768,000
Seat 9: Raj Ramakrishnan - 783,000

Three hours of regulation time passed until Daniel Laidlaw moved all-in with {Ac}{2c}, only to run into Daniel Chilcott’s {Ad}{Kh}. With the board improving neither hand, Laidlaw departed in 9th place ($16,275). Laidlaw was followed shortly after by Raj Ramakrishnan, who finished in 8th place ($22,090) when he ran his {Kd}{Qd} into Obst’s pocket kings.

Ted Nguyen was then marked down for 7th place ($27,900) after getting the last of his money into the middle with {Qc}{9s}{7s} with {Qs}{5c}, only to discover that Chilcott had jagged two pair from the blinds with {9d}{7c}. Kristina Jeney was then felled in 6th place ($34,875); having been practically card-dead for the entire final table, she shoved the last of her chips in with pocket threes, but Obst called with pocket eights which held all the way down the queen-high board.

Ben Savage was the next to go in 5th place ($42,625), despite getting his money in good with pocket nines, Obst’s {Ad}{4d} jagged an ace on the river. No sooner than Amanda De Cesare had returned from the dinner break, Obst sent her back for dessert in 4th place ($53,855) after her {Kc}{8c} stayed behind all the way Obst’s {Ks}{Js}.

David Chilcott was then given his marching orders in 3rd place when he got his money in with {As}{2s} against Obst’s {Kc}{Jd}, which paired up on the flop of {9c}{2c}{Qs} and then tripped up on the turn on the {2c}, but Obst hit his straight with the river {Th}.

With Obst now sitting on a stack of over 5.1 million chips, most people thought that the online phenom was almost certainly going to wrap this one up quickly – but Kozlov had other ideas and he battled his way to a slender chip lead before eventually a massive preflop raising war resulted with all the money in the middle before the flop. Kozlov tabled {9d}{9c} and was flipping against Obst’s {Ac}{Kc}, but the dealer spread the board of {Jd}{5d}{3h}{6c}{4c} and Obst had to settle for a runner-up finish, good for $124,000.

Final Table Results:

1st Martin Kozlov (Australia) - $195,700
2nd James Obst (Australia) - $124,000
3rd David Chilcott (Australia) - PokerStars Sponsored Player - $68,900
4th Amanda De Cesare (Australia) - PokerStars Sponsored Player - $53,855
5th Ben Savage (Australia) - $42,625
6th Kristina Jeney (Australia) - $34,875
7th Ted Nguyen (Australia) - $27,900
8th Raj Ramakrishnan (Australia) - $22,090
9th Daniel Laidlaw (Australia) - PokerStars Qualifier - $16,275

With Melbourne now done and dusted, our focus now turns to Darwin in November, where we’re bound to see an incredible conclusion to the ANZPT Player of the Year race, as well as celebrate the debut of major tournament poker in the Top End. Be sure to keep an eye out on PokerNetwork for all the latest!

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Martin Kozlov Wins ANZPT Melbourne Main Event Martin Kozlov Wins ANZPT Melbourne Main Event

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