“Run It Twice” Coming To PokerStars

Posted at 13:36 2012-10-11 by PokerNetwork Staff

Anyone who has ever watched the now cancelled television show High Stakes Poker will remember a number of large pots that were “run twice,” that is had the turn and river dealt twice. This used to be a feature on Full Tilt Poker and now it looks like it will be making its way to the PokerStars client in the not too distant future.

The new feature is currently being put through its paces on the PokerStars test server, which is a very good indication that it is in the final stages of development. The Run It Twice option comes into play if and only if one player is all-in before the river and if the active players in the hand – the all-in bettor and the caller – have the Run It Twice option selected. Depending on where the all-in bet takes place, all five community cards can be dealt twice or just the river.

Running It Twice allows players to cut down on the variance of all-in situations and offers players the chance to sweep the entire pot or split it. It is very popular in Pot Limit Omaha games where the all-in win percentages of hands are usually very close together but it very useful in all flop games.

There has been no indication so far about when this new feature will be released but it would be fair to speculate its release, at least in beta form, when the new PokerStars 7 client is launched in a few months time.

Will you be a regular “Run It Twice” player? What are your thoughts on this feature?

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Omaha: A popular game to run it twice Omaha: A popular game to run it twice

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