Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Live Cash Game Grinders Part 3

Posted 2 days 21 hours ago by Kristy Arnett

In Part 1 and Part 2 of the Live Cash Game Grinders series on the Strategy with Kristy Podcast, host Kristy Arnett spoke with two low-stakes cash-game professionals about what it takes to play for a living. This week, for Part 3, she brings on Nick DiVella, a regular at $5-$10, to talk about moving up to mid-stakes.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

DiVella: I didn't take too many shots, or at least maybe not as many as I should have been. When I went from $1-$2 to $2-$5, at first I stuck around Red Rock to play $1-$2 with a $200 max buy-in. Then I went to Wynn to play $1-$3 with a $500 cap. I started getting comfortable with deeper stacks in front of me. I did the same thing when moving from $2-$5 to $5-$10. I played $2-$5 at Aria with a $1,000 max and then to get comfortable playing $5-$10, I moved to Bellagio to play $5-$10 where it's only a $1,500 cap. That was a nice transition because the stacks weren't that different. That was better opposed to jumping into the Aria $5-$10 which is a $3,000 cap. That's a big difference.

My advice would be to move up in stakes gradually. So, play $2-$5 at Aria, or wherever you like to play, Monday through Thursday, then hit up the $5-$10 games Friday and Saturday. As far as bankroll goes, I am a little more conservative. I like to have 40 to 60 buy-ins. One thing I'd say, too, is that you shouldn't be in such a hurry to move up so quickly. The game isn't going anywhere. Move up when you're ready.

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