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Re: RedBack Poker Arrives on PokerNetwork With Huge PokerNews Cup Satellites Series!

2009 09 21 12:07 pm
Originally Posted by grunter View Post
you got no clue if you think i dont understand. Ive had more work and experience in marketing than you have good jokes.

oh wait, not a real good analogy.

But you know what I mean......

Perhaps failed attempts at good jokes would have been more accurate.

And you are right about me having no clue about your experience in marketing, It just occured to me that we have not yet reached the all importaint "So grunter, how much work and experience do you have in marketing" stage of our relationship.

Anyway, less talking to me and more winning money imo


2009 09 21 10:10 am

Re: RedBack Poker Arrives on PokerNetwork With Huge PokerNews Cup Satellites Series!

2009 09 21 09:32 am
Originally Posted by grunter View Post
yeah its a pretty lol catch phrase. How can they expect their business to be taken seriously?

[ ] understands branding

Re: WCOOP - Day Fourteen ----> $215 NLHE (big antes), $320 PLO8

2009 09 17 12:52 pm
Originally Posted by CNT_CRUSHER View Post
6/10 stars 109 turbo 10k 1st
Is this just a duplicate of a post you did last week?

Go deep in more tournaments imo...

Good luck mate.

Re: Who is staked by who?

2009 09 17 12:48 pm
Guzzardi if I can have Adgee as my personal mentor then I may need to get involved in this.

I want to hear his voice in my head the first thing when I wake up every morning and the last thing before I go to bed. I want to be one with the great man.

Re: OFFICIAL $4.40 180 Man Challenge Stars

2009 09 17 12:40 pm
Keep it up Gtrain, it sounds like fun.

I don't know whether I will play or not but I like the enthusiasim.

Nickkaka makes a good point about people playing 15 instead of ten. I suppose you could try and instill some kind of honour system?

If not how many of these get up in an hour? If it isn't a ridiculous number maybe it is better to just have a shorter rego period and to more or less only have 10 sng's that they can play.

Maybe if you miss the registration for it you are slugged with the points for last.

I just looked up to the OP and see that you think they get about 8 running an hour. That is probably too much as some players may not be comfortable 6-8 tabling.

Or maybe you do it over two Sunday's everyone plays 5 the first Sunday and 5 the next. You could probably actually get the exact tourney numbers for them and write them on PNW so that all players play the same one.

Also adds a bit of fun during the week because you can post the standings after the first half and people know how far behind the leader they are etc. It would I imagine still be achievable for the guy coming last at the half way mark to win.

Just some pointless ramblings on the topic.

Re: LOL Thread

2009 09 17 12:24 pm
Originally Posted by pokerpimp View Post
Hate the fuuuuu guy more than words can describe. X to tha Z killing a batman wanna-be's parents had no chance of failing haha.
Yeah, the fu man is a funny one. The little girl finding the Mein Kampf book is probably the stand out IMO

I hated it immensley at first then it started to grow on me.

Re: BetFred Poker $1,500 September Points Race - PNW Exclusive!

2009 09 17 03:00 am
Well that didn't go exactly to plan.

Considering that I actually ended up with less points then the guy currently in 8th it appears that I will not be challenging the leader board as first planned

Good luck gents.

Re: BetFred Poker $1,500 September Points Race - PNW Exclusive!

2009 09 17 01:28 am
I forgot that I had money in here from the freeroll.

Am now trying to short stack my way into the big time!

So if all goes well and I make it up to 25/50 expect to see me rocket up that leader board!

Re: Who is staked by who?

2009 09 16 05:31 pm
Anyone know what the longest thread is in PNW history?

Maybe it will tumble here?

Edit- I just answered my own question. This is 6th on the all time list.

Could move a little higher but not much.

Definitely can't get to first. Pokerbok owns that honour with a Bradman like effort of 1243 posts

Man Wins Ladies Event!

2009 09 16 03:17 pm
Finally PokerNetwork has given me the opportunity to let my true emotions flow to the surface in this article.

Feel free to discuss

Man Wins Ladies Event - What's The Problem?

From Zero To...Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero Part 3

2009 09 16 11:47 am
Hey guys,

This is the third installment of my blog on Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News)

Have a look, leave some comments or pass it around to anyone else that you think might find this of interest.

Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News) Joey Del On Living, Learning And Drinking!!!

Re: Who is staked by who?

2009 09 16 10:09 am

When you post something that is universally described as the funniest post ever.


Re: Who is staked by who?

2009 09 15 10:16 pm
Tony- that kanye patrick swayze thing...GOLD

I honestly don't think I have ever seen anything that funny and topical in all of my life

Re: Well Done Jarred

2009 09 14 12:29 pm
Well done Jarred.

Thanks for flying over to our state taking our money and leaving.

Don't come back IMO

Re: Attn Joey Del

2009 09 13 09:08 pm
Hey mate,

Yeah I would be interested in performing interstate.

feel free to add me on msn ([email protected]) or skype (josephdelduca) if you would like to discuss this or anything else

Re: Attn Joey Del

2009 09 12 02:41 pm
Originally Posted by Hevydevy View Post
Why was I unaware of this?
Obviously my promoting skills need a lot of improvement...

Will let you know for the next one.

Re: Tony's Angels!! (Formerly known as the Hot Chicks Thread)

2009 09 11 04:39 pm

Come on bro you are killing me.

Some of the pics are getting ridiculous.

It must be suitable for work, not just your work but the guy who checks this forum in a law firm, his work too.

You know I love you but I can't defend this thread for much more. They are going to make me either delete this thread of ban you, I don't want to do either of these things.

This is without a doubt my favourtie thread on this forum so keep it coming just keep it a little cleaner.

Thanks man.

Re: Attn Joey Del

2009 09 11 03:38 pm
Originally Posted by Elvis View Post
LOL. Not at Star Bar. However there is a good chance of young shaven head males who are keen to give you a Liverpool Kiss.

Joey, please advertise more widely next time. I wish to heckle (but can't tonight)
Will do, have been busy this week and tonight kind of snuck up on me

Re: Attn Joey Del

2009 09 11 03:37 pm
Originally Posted by luckyshades View Post

Is there any chance there will be hot, single, drunk girls in the 18-25yr age group with criminally low standards ??
Well one of the girls performing is from Blacktown and she is Aussie and bringing some of her friends...

So yeah chances are pretty high imo


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