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Man Wins Ladies Event! 2009 09 16
03:17 pm
Finally PokerNetwork has given me the opportunity to let my true emotions flow to the surface in this article.

Feel free to discuss

Man Wins Ladies Event - What's The Problem?
From Zero To...Somewhere Slightly Higher Than Zero Part 3 2009 09 16
11:47 am
Hey guys,

This is the third installment of my blog on Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News)

Have a look, leave some comments or pass it around to anyone else that you think might find this of interest.

Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News) Joey Del On Living, Learning And Drinking!!!
Attention Star City 2009 09 08
02:51 pm
I thought that the toothpicks on top of all the starting stacks for the "Toothpick Tony Deep Stack" event was a nice touch.

Well done.
Gagging For It 2009 09 08
02:49 pm
Hey guys,

Have a read, leave comments if you like.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Gagging For It (Australian Comedy News) Joey Del Dips His Toe Into The Comedy Pool
For Whom The Bell Tolls 2009 08 28
04:34 pm
After reading a post from PokerPimp and from having a discussion with Punty I would like to ask you guys the following question...

Are Trolls ruining PokerNetwork?

If they are should I go on a Joey Del Crusade banning and deleting all trolls on this forum or is the general consensus that they add value and should be left.

Vote away!!


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