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Thread: Doctor Straight crushing 10/20 Limit Omaha at Crown

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    Doctor Straight Guest

    Default Doctor Straight crushing 10/20 Limit Omaha at Crown

    I'm at the last night of my 6 night Melbourne trip, and paying a much needed
    visit to an internet cafe to catch up on emails.

    Crown results have been very swingy (to put it mildly) but I've found a good 10/20 Limit Omaha table.
    It'll get written up in Australian Poker Weekly over the next two or three weeks, for now, 10/20 LOH is my game.

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    Hof Guest

    Default Re: Doctor Straight crushing 10/20 Limit Omaha at Crown

    this really should be left as a stand alone thread - i mean what more is there to say when the good doctor has summed it up so eloquently.

    Good to see you have finally hit your straps and are "beating the rake".

    Incidentally, who pays the rake?

    The winner of the pot ? Or the player / players who contributed to the pot yet ran 2nd etc. ?

    And while your thinkin about that, think about this....

    The "crushing" of a table game e-mail at Crown was first sent thru an Alta Vista recommended e-mail address back in 1998..

    It was followed by an e-mail a few days later that read:

    "system working: send more money please".

    Awaiting the write up with baited breath and licking my lips in anticipation.

    Rock out with your c*ck out Doctor Straight - CRUSHER of all games omaha ( limit........?????? )


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