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Thread: APT Macau

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    Default APT Macau

    Who is heading over to play the APT? Surely everyone is going to have a crack at the APT main event that is going to be there for the other tourneys that are happening around the same time??

    I did have one guy tell me it collides but I think they have worked around it and you can play APT too now if you get your schedule right! and if you bust out of the other events: You may as well lol

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    Default Re: APT Macau

    macau cup does not conflict with APT however if you make a deep run in APT (day 3 i think), you will miss day 1 of the APPT in cebu

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    Default Re: APT Macau

    Klunar is right; if you make Day 3 of the APT main event you miss day 1 of the APPT. So you can play both if your schedule is flexible and you don't go deep in Macau, but not if you're already committed to APPT Cebu.

    Can play both the MPCC and APPT Cebu though.

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