Brendon Rubie Narrowly Misses Out On WSOP Gold

Posted at 18:57 2012-06-18 by Matthew Pitt

Whilst it seems Australian poker players are not reaching the money places frequently in this year's World Series of Poker, when they do cash they are making huge splashes. In Event #3 we had Julian Powell finish fourth ($73,655) and then Event #6 saw Warwick Mirzikinian bust out in third ($162,433), now Brendon Rubie has come even closer to winning a WSOP bracelet in Event #28.

Event #28 was the $2,500 No Limit Hold'em Four-Handed tournament; a new addition to the WSOP schedule and a welcomed one by all who took part – all 750 of them. Some of the biggest names in the game, especially in online poker circles, took to the felt for this event but it looked like one of our own was going to go all the way and bring home the first piece of poker jewellery of the series so far.

Rubie went into the final table with a commanding chip lead, as you can see from the table below,

Event #28 Final Table Chip Counts

1Brendon Rubie2,693,000
2James Schaaf1,656,000
3Timothy Adams892,000
4Anthony Gregg367,000

But early on in the finale he lost a crucial coinflip with {A-Clubs}{K-Diamonds} versus James Schaaf's red eights to see his stack drop to a still respectable 1,600,000. Had he won that hand he would have had over 3,200,000 chips and would have able to sweep the rest of his opponents to one side.

He won some chips back, albeit from a different players, when the short stacked Anthony Gregg moved all-in with what turned out to be {A-Spades}{3-} and Rubie made the call with {2-Hearts}{2-Spades}. The ducks held and even spiked a third one on the river for good measure and the tournament was down to just three players.

Our man got some revenge on Schaaf when his black sixes flopped a set and turned quads to push his stack close to the three million mark and leave Schaaf nursing an 874,000 stack but then lost a huge pot to Timothy Adams that saw his stack more than cut in half. In the hand the chips went flying into the middle on a {7-Hearts}{6-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} flop. Rubie showed {10-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds} for a flush draw with a gutshot straight draw thrown in for good measure whilst Adam showed {A-Diamonds}{K-Spades}. The turn and river were the {Q-Hearts} and {2-Clubs} respectively and with that Adams' stack climbed to 3,623,000 and Rubie's fell to 1,165,000.

Rubie then saw Schaaf double through him again, this time Rubie's pocket fives lost out to the threes of Schaaf when the latter turned a set but Schaaf was eliminated shortly afterwards when he called off what was left of his stack ona {Q-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{2-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{q-Spades} board with {4-Hearts}{4-Diamonds} only to see Adams sat there with {10-Clubs}{10-Hearts}, sending the tie into the heads-up stages.

Adams held a commanding 4,890,000 to 750,000 chip lead over our man but Rubie never gave up. He found a fortunate double with {Q-Spades}{10-Hearts} against {A-Spades}{8-Hearts} then again with {3-Hearts}{3-Spades} against {A-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} and it looked like thre was going to be an epic comeback from the Sydney-based pro. That was until the following hand took place.

Rubie opened to 80,000 and then called when Adams three-bet to 225,000. The pair shared a flop reading {8-Hearts}{q-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}, a flop that Adam lead out for 255,000 and Rubie called. The turn was the {5-Spades} and Adams moved all-in, sending Rubie into the tank.

“I have king-queen,” said Rubie before adding, “Do you have ace-jack or something?” A few moments later Rubie called and Adams did hold an ace but his second hole card was a queen and he was way in front. The river had to be a king and only a king to keep Rubie in the tournament but alas it was the ace of spades and with that our hero was sent crashing out of Event #28 in second place and Adams was announced as the champion.

Although Rubie will be bitterly disappointed not to win this superb tournament we are sure that the $242,458; which is the most any Australian has won at this year's Series, will help to quell that disappointment.

Good game sir, very good game.

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