Brendon Rubie Wins Melbourne Championships Main Event!

Posted at 12:23 2010-06-01

The 2010 Melbourne Poker Championship Main Event wrapped up at Crown Casino yesterday and after starting the day with the chip lead, Brendon ‘Brendooor’ Rubie fought through a star-studded line up to defeat Minh Nguyen for the title.

The action got underway just after 2.15pm AEST, with the seating draw and chip counts looking a little something like this:

Seat 1: Brendon Rubie - 2,039,000
Seat 2: Brian Boyle - 1,563,000
Seat 3: Michael Spilkin - 1,678,000
Seat 4: Jarred Graham - 1,750,000
Seat 5: Sam Vakili - 633,000
Seat 6: Mark Iskander - 1,423,000
Seat 7: Amanda De Cesare - 261,000
Seat 8: Andrew Scarf - 1,235,000
Seat 9: Rob Salter - 684,000
Seat 10: Minh Nguyen - 570,000

It took more than three hours to decide our first elimination, which incredibly, turned out to be Jarred “FlopNutsOnYou” Graham. Having started the day second in chips, Graham couldn’t catch a trick and eventually ended up moving all in for his last 495,000 preflop with {6h}{6d}, but ran into Nguyen’s {9h}{9c}, which smashed Graham on a board of {jd}{9s}{kh}{Qs}{Jc}, sending him to the cage in 10th place to collect $8,850.

2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event runner-up Andrew Scarf was looking to go one better, but succumbed to Mark Iskander in 9th place ($11,800) after moving all-in with {as}{qs} but lost the flip against Iskander’s {9s}{9d} when the dealer spread the board of {ks}{kc}{2c}{8d}{7c}.

From there, the eliminations came thick and fast. Rob Salter bowed out in 8th place ($17,700) when he moved the last of his money in with {ac}{4c} but lost when Rubie paired on the flop, then improved to the nut flush with {kh}{7h} on the {jh}{ks}{8d}{qh}{ah} board. Brian Boyle then managed to double up through Rubie before moving all-in with {qd}{jd} but lost to Iskander’s {kh}{8h} when he paired his eight on the {8c}{5h}{7c}{ad}{th}, sending Boyle to the rail in 7th place ($23,600).

Sam Vakili followed Boyle to the rail only two hands later when his {as}{kd} was outdrawn by Rubie’s {kc}{3h}, which made two pair after the dealer spread the {3d}{5d}{6c}{qc}{Kh} board, eliminating Vakili in 6th place. Amanda De Cesare then departed in the very next hand; having been able to successfully double up on more than one occasion and avoid the barrage of bustouts, she finally surrendered her chips when she moved her last 675,000 into the middle with {th}{9h} but never improved on the board of {jd}{5c}{4d}{qc}{5d} against Nguyen’s {ah}{8c}.

Michael Spilkin then fell in 4th place ($41,300). Despite having wrestled the chip lead from Rubie earlier in the day, he was crippled in a massive hand against Iskander but managed to hold on before moving in with {qs}{js}, only to run into Nguyen’s {ad}{kh} which improved to two pair after the dealer spread the board of {ks}{3c}{4d}{4s}{3h}.

Iskander, Nguyen and Rubie went toe-to-toe in a few pots but mostly played it safe before the dinner break, only to have Iskander bow out in 3rd place ($56,050) as soon as they returned, after he moved all in with {kc}{9h}, only to run into Rubie’s {as}{8d}. Rubie paired his ace on the {ah}{5s}{2c}{jc}{7d} board, making it back-to-back third place finishes in the Melbourne Poker Championship Main Event for Iskander – a fantastic achievement by any standard.

A heads-up stoush of tennis-match proportions  unfolded between Rubie and Nguyen, which saw the rail swell to three-deep – twice Rubie got it in with the best hand but Nguyen managed to outdraw him, evening up the counts before Rubie pulled back his chip lead. The last hand of the tournament saw Nguyen raise to 225,000 from the button before the flop and Rubie call before checking the flop of {as}{ts}{3d}. Nguyen led out for 275,000 but Rubie check-raised to 775,000. Nguyen called and the dealer produced the turn of the {9s}, which saw Rubie fire out a bet of 1,050,000.

Nguyen moved all-in and Rubie snap-called, quickly rolling up {5s}{3s} for the flush, leaving a dumbstruck Nguyen to roll up {ac}{kc} to be drawing dead. The dealer burned and then dealt the river {js} to complete the board, but it mattered little to Rubie, who had already begun hugging and high-fiving his supporters on the rail.

For his runner-up finish, Nguyen walked away with an extra $83,780 in his bankroll, but Rubie had done it – not only had he scored his first major Australian poker championship title and added $118,000 to his back pocket – he has now completed the collection in the trophy room at his home in Wollongong, where he lives with 2009 APPT Grand Final champion Aaron Benton and 2010 ANZPT Adelaide Main Event champion Renne Carnevale.

Congratulations Brendon, from all of us here at PokerNetwork!

Final Table Results:

1st Brendon Rubie - $118,000
2nd Minh Nguyen - $83,780
3rd Mark Iskander - $56,050
4th Michael Spilkin - $41,300
5th Amanda De Cesare - $35,400
6th Sam Vakili - $29,500
7th Brian Boyle - $23,600
8th Rob Salter - $17,700
9th Andrew Scarf - $11,800
10th Jarred Graham $8,850


In other Melbourne Poker Championship news, Michael Matthews managed to finally come out on top after winning the $550 8-Game Mixed Event, besting a field of 22 players. Matthews defeated Dave Morton for the title and the $4,300 payday.   Morton earned $3,100 for 2nd place, while Karib Karib cashed in 3rd ($2,000) and Michael Palti collected $1,300 for his 4th place finish.

Luke McLean then managed to outlast a 150-strong field before taking down the $340 Terminator No Limit Hold’em event against Ben SavageBilly Seri, Rainer Quel and Lisa Matthews, wife of Michael Matthews, all made the final table, while Petar Vujic (11th place), Ricky Kroesen (14th place) and Andrew Demetriou (16th place) all made the money.

Event 14 - $340 Terminator No Limit Hold’em (150 players, 20 players paid)

1st place: Luke McLean ($6900)

2nd place: Ben Savage ($4500)
3rd place: Billy Seri ($3600)
4th place: Alf Frommer ($3000)
5th place: Lisa Matthews ($2400)
6th place: Paul White Hoose ($1800)
7th place: John Baird ($1500)
8th place: Rainer Quel ($1200)
9th place: Joshua Reynolds ($900)
10th place: Joe Nassif ($600)

2007 Main Event winner Haibo Chu also added another Melbourne Poker Championship title to his resume after defeating New Zealand’s Kevin Clark to take down the $550 No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed Event. Jackie Glazier had another solid run, making the final table before departing in 6th place, while Paul Birman (9th place), Soshiro Karita (11th place), Jie Gao (12th place), Amanda De Cesare (13th place) and Tom Grigg (17th place) all collected from the cage.

Event 13 - $550 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed (131 players, 18 players paid)

1st place: Haibo Chu ($16,500)
2nd place: Kevin Clark ($11,500)
3rd place: Joshua Foster ($7900)
4th place: Alex Kostic ($5250)
5th place: Frank Artufel ($4000)
6th place: Jackie Glazier ($3000)
7th place: Con Angelatis ($2200)

With PokerNetwork having wrapped up its coverage of the 2010 Melbourne Poker Championship, we now invite you to check out all the latest from Las Vegas, Nevada as our good friends at PokerNews bring you all the action from the 41st Annual World Series of Poker!

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Brendon Rubie Wins Melbourne Championships Main Event Brendon Rubie Wins Melbourne Championships Main Event

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