Crown Poker and Full House Group in New Partnership

Posted at 10:30 2013-03-06 by Matthew Pitt

Crown Poker and the Full House Group have extended their partnership and taking it to a new level.

The Full House Group is one of Australia’s largest suppliers to the hospitality and entertainment industry. Some of their fantastic products include the 888 Poker League, APL and Pub Poker. The events that Full House Group run help to give recreational players a taste for poker in an environment where they feel comfortable and are competing against similarly skilled players.

In February, Crown Poker hosted the third edition of the Full House Group Main Event, which attracted 445 of the region’s best pub poker players who then battled it out for a slice of the $445,000 prize pool. Amjed Slewa of New South Wales claimed the $100,000 first place prize after he defeated Andrew Dales heads-up for the title – Dales was awarded $65,000 for his runner-up finish.

Although the Full House Group Main Event is more of an annual tournament, they do run the Monthly State Champs where there is $15,000 up for grabs every single month! Players cannot just walk in and buy into the $15,000 Monthly State Champs, instead they have to qualify by performing well in selected tournaments. Qualifying tournaments are:

  • Win any 888PL, APL or Pub Poker Event.
  • Finish second in any live 888PL, APL event that has over 40 players.
  • Finish third in any live 888PL, APL event that has over 80 players.
  • Play 8 live games over any combination of 888PL, APL or Pub Poker events.
  • Play at least one 888PL, APL or Pub poker event prior to the Monthly State Champs and pay $100 to enter.

So what does this have to do with the Crown? Well, one of the Crown’s most popular weekly tournaments, the fast-paced $50 buy-in Midday Madness, is now a qualifying tournament! Win the Midday Madness and you will gain entry to the next $15,000 Monthly State Champs. In fact finishing second or third in it will probably be enough as the Midday Madness is a very popular tournament.

For full details on the Midday Madness tournament please contact the excellent Crown Poker staff. For more information on the Full House Group, visit their website.

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