Ex-pat Kiwi Out Guns Possum Hunter

Posted at 07:00 2006-04-06
Warren Pritchard

Tonight’s poker action at the Christchurch Casino saw Warren Pritchard, an ex-pat Kiwi now living in Australia, go up against 38 year-old possum trapper Ed Scandlyn of Waipiro Bay near Gisbourne. Up at stake were South Island Championship Trophy and a $14,000 cash prize. The action was tense as a large crowd gathered in close to see the game unfold. It was a game where banter abounded and many aggressive moves were made. After a succession of five ‘all ins’ by Pritchard, both players going ‘all in’ eventually decided the game. In the end Pritchard out-foxed the Possum trapper and took out the hand and subsequently the tournament by drawing a higher flush on the turn. “I’m a pretty aggressive player by nature,” says Warren Pritchard, “I have been playing the game since I was kid and I know you have got play hard to win big,” he added. Warren Pritchard almost did not make it to the tournament at the Christchurch Casino after having problems with his passport, “I’m traveling on a Kiwi passport but when I got to the airport I found out it had expired. After missing my flight from Melbourne to Christchurch I had to fly to Sydney to get my passport approved and then fly to Christchurch via Wellington. All up it cost me an extra $2,000 just to get here,” explains Warren Pritchard. Warren says he had a feeling luck might go his way after enduring a nightmare of a time trying to get here, “I thought my luck was beginning to change when I realised I had been drawn to sit in the same seat I was sitting in when I won the Pot-Limit Omaha Tournament here last year,” says Warren Pritchard. Warren Pritchard will definitely feel the trip was worthwhile as his wallet will be around $14,000 fuller when he departs for Australia tomorrow, “It was unquestionably worth while making the effort to come here. It is a great tournament and all the staff at the Christchurch Casino are very hospitable. It’s a pity I can’t stay here and play in the big tournament on Friday, but business commitments prevent it,” says Warren Pritchard. Meanwhile Ed Scandlyn was ecstatic with his efforts in just his second tournament, “It is great to get to the final table as I did in the No Limit Omaha Tournament on Tuesday. I am a much more confident player now, but I still have to keep drying my hands off at regular intervals,” says Ed Scandlyn. The next lot of action from the Christchurch Casino kicks off on Friday night with the start of the 2006 New Zealand Poker Championships where a winner will be found from a field of over 150 players from around the world on Saturday April 8. Poker Operations Manager Mick Ryan says, “It is a real shame that Warren can’t make the tournament as he is a strong player. It has to be said, though, that Ed is also a form player and after two strong finishes he must be growing in confidence.”

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