PokerStars Mobile Released Worldwide!

Posted at 11:30 2012-05-23 by Matthew Pitt

Bus and train journeys will never be the same again thanks to the world's biggest online poker site releasing their mobile client worldwide! That is correct. Australians can now play PokerStars on their mobile phones and iPads!

The excellent mobile app has been available in the United Kingdom since February 14 where it has been well received by all who have played on it. Now it is available to the rest of the world, ourselves included and the PokerNetwork staff are a little over excited right now about he whole concept!

So far we have tested out the PokerStars Mobile app in two different formats; on an Android operated HTC Desire cell phone and on the iOS operated “new” iPad with Retina Display (thinly veiled brag there!) and we absolutely love both versions. Admittedly we are more keen on the iPad version just because of the size of the screen but both versions look exactly like the downloadable PokerStars client we have on our machines and all of our favourite games are there too.

Firing up the dedicated app on the iPad allowed us to play up to five tables at once with the software jumping to the next table awaiting our attention once we had acted and doing so without any lag at all and without any mistakes. It is not a drain on the iPad's impressive battery either; in fact we played for a solid six hours on a Wi-Fi signal and it only used 50-65%, which is around what it would use just being on and browsing the net.

Those of you who prefer Android have a slight advantage over the Apple lovers because you get to play Zoom Poker on your device; something that is not available to Apple just yet. Again we tested this on a Wi-Fi signal and not our mobile internet but even so it was still devastatingly fast and slick and we cannot wait to play it again. Now all we have to do is learn how to win!

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PokerStars Mobile PokerStars Mobile

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