Terrence Chan Wins First Professional MMA Fight

Posted at 00:18 2012-04-03

Terrence Chan is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, fixed limit Texas Hold'em player in the world. There are very few players who would feel happy sitting down at the live or virtual felt with him. Along with being a formidable opponent in the poker sense, Chan is also a respected Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and he has just won his first professional bout.

Chan, sponsored by Hero Poker who are part of the Australian owned Merge Nework, was playing in the APPT Seoul main event when he was approached by the co-founder and matchmaker of the Legend Fighting Championships, Mike Haskamp, and asked about his availability to fight at short notice in Hong Kong. Chan jumped at the opportunity and he took on Alex Lee last Friday night.

Lee boasted a five-inch height advantage over Chan but Chan is a renowned grappler who once he gets an opponent on the ground they rarely get back up without having submitted. Early in the first round Lee landed a few blows but two minutes into the second round Chan managed to get Lee onto the canvas where he applied an armbar and it was not too long before Lee tapped out, leaving Chan to be announced as the winner.

Like many poker players and sport stars Chan took to his Twitter account to thank his legion of fans for their support. He tweeted, "Thank you thank you thank you everyone! It was a super tough fight, so happy to get the win! Thank you all for the love and support!"

It is unclear when Chan's night fight will be but one thing is for certain, nobody will be wanting to put a bad beat on the poker star now!

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