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Posted at 09:45 2012-07-03 by Barry Gallagher

The Big One for One Drop may well be the most exciting event in the history of poker. To have 48 players all put up $1,000,000 to enter a tournament is unfathomable. The winner will walk away with over $18 million and the title of the winner of the largest poker tournament in history. In this article, Barry Gallagher, looks at some of the more interesting goings on surrounding the event thus far.

What does one million dollars look like?

Several poker players posted pictures of themselves on twitter next to the chips and cash they used to buy into the tournament.

This stack of chips and cash was Jason Mercier’s buy-in.

This is Shaun Deeb pictured beside the one million dollars he won in the One Drop satellite. Deeb finished second to Gus Hansen and was placed as first alternate for the event which he didn’t really want to play anyway. With no dropouts in the tournament Deeb got his million in cash.

Michael Mizrachi posted a picture of his tournament buy-in slip. He used the proceeds of his victory at the $50,000 Players Championship event to purchase his entry. Unfortunately, for him he has busted on Day 1 and can say goodbye to his money.

Would you fold quads with a million on the line?

Our colleagues at PokerNews caught up with some of the players to get them to describe possibly the best or worst fold ever in a tournament:
We got a chance to catch up with a few of the players on break from the table where Mikhail Smirnov folded quads to John Smirnov's all-in river shove.
First up, we caught up with Roland De Wolfe who helped us get a little insight on how the hand went down.

Tom Dwan opened with AQ. Then Smirnov called, and Morgan called, and the flop came out {j-Spades}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades}. Tom checked, and Smirnov bet, Morgan called, and Tom folded. The turn came the {8-Spades} and Smirnov bet again, and Morgan just called. The river was the {k-Spades} and Smirnov bet again, a huge bet. Then Morgan shoved all-in over the top of that.

We asked De Wolfe what he thought of the fold, if it was ridiculous or genius.

“At first I thought it was ridiculous. But now, I think it was a really good fold. Phil Galfond said it was the best fold he'd ever seen.”

We also asked him if Morgan said anything to imply that he had the straight flush.

“He did say a few things that led me to believe that he had it,” De Wolfe said.

After this we were able to catch up with Phil Galfond who gave us a little more insight on that hand. We asked Galfond if he thought the fold was a good one, or a ridiculous one.

“It very well could've been a good fold,” Galfond said. “It's hard to pick up stone cold reads only after two hours, but there are very few value hands that make sense on the river. As far as full houses is very unlikely cause you'd expect a raise pre, so maybe . I don't think I have it in me to fold quads, but I think it was a good fold.”

How do players who invest a million dollars in a tournament roll?

This is a picture of Gus Hansen, 2007 Aussie Millions Champion, casually sitting with a $50,000 cash brick sitting underneath his chair while playing the One Drop.

Billionaires don’t do walking. This is One Drop Founder Guy Laliberte’s personal golf cart that he uses to get around the Rio Casino where the event is taking place.

Sam Trickett crushed the Aussie Millions high rollers back in 2011 winning AUD$100,000 event and coming second in the AUD$250,000 for a combined amount of just under AUD$3 million. Since then he has crushed the cash games in Macau but it still looks like he is dressed here in the biggest event of all time for less than $50!

All this and still two more days to go! Stay tuned to PokerNetwork for complete live reporting on the event.

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The Big One For One Drop The Big One For One Drop

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