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  • Rubie Exits 09-07-2013

    Brendon Rubie has recently been eliminated from the tournament after starting the day with a decent sized chip stack. Pat Dillon was on his table, and informed us of his downward spiral.

  • Brendooor Busts
    Brendooor Busts 07-09-2013

    Brendon Rubie has been eliminated from the tournament. We missed the hand, but his tweet tells us all we need to know.

  • Rubie On a Roll 07-04-2013

    Brendooor @BrendooorMini one drop today.. Lets see if I can donate $666 to charity.. #wsop #onedropJuly 03 2013ReplyRetweetFavoriteFollow @Brendooor!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.

  • Kagawa All In 07-04-2013

    The player in the cut off made it 125 to go and Masaaki Kagawa three bet from the button to 375. Both blinds folded and the cut off made the call.

  • Hebden KO's Rubie; Now Sits with 100k
    Hebden KO's Rubie; Now Sits with 100k 07-03-2013

    Following a raise to 400, Amnon Filippi called in the cutoff along with Brendon Rubie and Kory Kilpatrick from the button and small blind.

  • Rubie Makes the Right Fold 06-23-2013

    As he is prone to do, Brendon Rubie amassed quite the chip stack before the dinner break, as he had about 45,000.

  • Rubie Exits 06-20-2013

    Brendon Rubie started the hand by opening to 3,200 from under the gun, before being met with a raise to 7,200 from Petr Bartagov in the cut-off. Rubie then opted to move all in, and was snap-called, as both players tabled their cards.

  • Rubie Busted? 06-16-2013

    We believe that Brendon Rubie has been eliminated from this tournament due to the fact there is a completely different person sat in his seat and judging by how Rocco Palumbo's stack has grown to 48,000 from 27,000 he is the likely executio

  • Rubie Takes on Palumbo 06-16-2013

    World Poker Tour Venice champion Rocco Palumbo opened to 600 from under the gun and the action passed all the way around to Brendon Rubie who was seated on the button.

  • Bart Hanson Doubles Through Brendon Rubie 06-04-2013

    Bart Hanson was all in from middle position for 170,000 with against Brendon Rubie on the button with . The board ran out , pairing Hanson's king on the turn to give him the pot.

  • David Sands vs. Brendon Rubie 05-31-2013

    David Sands opened to 2,800 from under the gun and Brendon Rubie called from UTG+1. The flop came down and Sands continued for 4,400. Rubie called to see the turn where Sands bet 11,700.

  • Rubie Closing in On 200K 05-31-2013

    Charles Sylvestre shoved from UTG+1 for 12,600 and Brendon Rubie called from the cutoff with , racing with Sylvestre's . The board ran out giving Rubie top two pair to eliminate Sylvestre.

  • Jared Talarico Eliminated By Brendon Rubie 05-31-2013

    With the board reading , Jared Talarico gets his stack of about 15,000 into the middle with against Brendon Rubie's . The river is no help to Talarico, giving the pot to Rubie.

  • Alekberovas' Rivered Ace 05-08-2013

    Anaras Alekberovas and Brendon Rubie were heads up on a board of , and roughly 15,000 lay in the middle Alekberovas fired out a bet of 17,000, and after a minute or so, Rubie called.

  • Rubie Doubles a Shorty 05-08-2013

    When we arrived at Table 24, a short-stacked Emeric Styevlik was all in with . Brendon Rubie had him at risk with , and the board had just finished .

  • Ace High for Rubie 05-08-2013

    Brendon Rubie checked the flop before Pantelis Efthymiou checked behind. The turn was the , and Rubie bet 1,600. Efthymiou called. After the landed on the river, both players checked.

  • Marsland Rockets as Rubie Drops 03-23-2013

    We caught the action with Brendon Rubie opening the pot to 10,000. Dale Marsland then re-raised to 21,500 and was met with a re-raise to 48,500 almost instantly. He made the call to see the flop come down .

  • Rubie Rises 03-23-2013

    The hand started with Brendon Rubie opening to 8,000 before facing a raise to 22,000 in chips. After thinking for a moment, he opted to re-raise to 39,000 which was called. Both players checked the flop as the turn produced the .

  • Rubie and Bokody Chop 03-23-2013

    A big hand just occurred over on Table 5. Ebon Bokody opened with a bet of 3,100, before Brendon Rubie raised to 8,300 in chips. Bokody called, as both players saw the flop come . They checked to see the come on the turn.

  • Rubie Making a Charge 03-22-2013

    Brendon Rubie is sitting behind the biggest stack in the room. When asked how he got all his chips, he told us that he was three-bet pre, and then called three streets on a board reading .

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