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  • Grigg Eliminated 09-06-2013

    Daniel Neilson has rocketed up to 50,000 in chips after recently eliminating Tom Grigg. Arriving at the table, we noticed both players all-in, with the board reading .

  • Grigg's Got Nothing, Benny has Enough 08-02-2013

    Tom Grigg opened the action with a raise from under the gun to 1,200. Ben Richardson was the lone caller in middle position to take a flop of . Both players checked and the turn brought the .

  • Chon Leads Quick Opening Day of ANZPT Queenstown
    Chon Leads Quick Opening Day of ANZPT Queenstown 07-30-2013

    The chip bags are sealed and the surviving players here on Day 1a of the ANZPT Queenstown Main Event have made their way out of the SKYCITY Casino and into the cool night breeze of snowy Queenstown.

  • The Grigg Squeeze 07-30-2013

    Martin Boersma opened to 700 from middle position and Jonathan Dangio flat-called on the button, which triggered Tom Grigg to squeeze from the small blind to 1,975.

  • Aussies Announced as Full Tilt Poker ANZPT Ambassadors
    Aussies Announced as Full Tilt Poker ANZPT Ambassadors 07-30-2013

    A little bit of a shock announcement was made earlier today. APPT President Danny McDonagh got on the microphone and told the room that two players in today's field are now Full Tilt Poker ambassadors for the ANZPT.

  • Grigg Out Early 03-22-2013

    A short-stacked Tom Grigg opened from under the gun, with a bet to 250. He found six callers preflop, who all saw the flop fall . All seven players checked to see the drop on the turn.

  • Bottom End For Grigg 02-20-2013

    Tom Grigg raised from early position to 500 and found one caller sitting in the cutoff position. They took a flop and Grigg check-called for 800 as the appeared on the turn.

  • One of the Interesting Tables 02-20-2013

    One of the interesting tables here in the early stages of Day 1a of the ANZPT Perth Main Event features two of Australia's prominent young players in Tom Grigg and Kristian Lunardi.

  • Who is Around 02-20-2013

    A quick look around the tables and these are a few of the notable names we have found.

  • Grigg Gets Lucky... Again 01-31-2013

    A short-stacked Tom Grigg moved all in from early position for his last 30,000 and received a call from Man Hei Lam in the small blind. Grigg held and was in bad shape against the of Hei Lam... that is until the flop came down .

  • Just a Jack
    Just a Jack 01-30-2013

    Tom Grigg and Sam Cohen were heads up on a board of . Grigg led out for 10,500, and Cohen made the call. The river was the , and Grigg led out again - this time for 15,500. Cohen quickly called.

  • Grigg Tanks with the Second Nuts 01-30-2013

    With around 9,000 in the pot and a flop of , an unknown player in the small blind checked and Tom Grigg bet 5,700 from the button. A call was made and then the dealer burned and turned the .

  • Grigg Doubles Through Antonius 01-30-2013

    This one is from before the dinner break, but still very much worth mentioning. On a flop the action was checked to Patrik Antonius who bet 8,000. One player folded which brought the action to Tom Grigg.

  • Antonius vs. Grigg 01-30-2013

    Patrik Antonius opened for 3,000 under the gun and cleared the field all the way around to Tom Grigg in the big blind. He defended and then checked dark headed to the flop.

  • Grigg Doing Well 01-29-2013

    Action folded around to an unknown player on the button and he raised to 450, which Tom Grigg called from the big blind. The latter then checked in the dark before the flop came down .

  • Jordanou Leads After Day 1a, Hachem in Contention
    Jordanou Leads After Day 1a, Hachem in Contention 10-26-2012

    After eight one-hour levels of fast-paced action, Day 1a of the PokerStars.com Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Melbourne Main Event concluded with Billy Jordanou in the lead.

  • Hachem's Here 10-26-2012

    Joe Hachem, the biggest star in the Australian poker scene, has just joined the action. Hachem won the World Series of Poker Main Event back in 2005 for $7,500,000, but that wasn't his only big result.

  • Exit Grigg 10-26-2012

    Tom Grigg is no longer with us as he just explained to us how he was eliminated. He was knocked down short early on, and just missed out on a nice opportunity to double up. On a flop with two hearts Grigg bet and two players called.

  • Glazier Puts Big Dent in Grigg's Stack 10-26-2012

    Jackie Glazier has taken her seat to the direct left of Tom Grigg, and immediately she referred to the APPT Main Event in which he busted her. Today things are looking up for Glazier, who took a sizable chunk out of her opponent's stack.

  • Three Aussie Stars 10-26-2012

    Another look around the room provided us with three more very interesting players with big results. David Gorr has the biggest result of the three, as he took down the 2011 Aussie Million Main Event worth A$2,000,000.

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