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Thread: Will someone explain?

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    EPT POKER Guest

    Default Will someone explain?

    I would like to understand why "Strongplay" who I gather is on some sort of financial benefit from this site would constantly mock pub poker providers? There is a section provided for pub poker operators on this website for that information and it has me completely dumbfounded as to why you continue with your childish comments. It should be that you are the one to encourage the right information to be posted not to take the piss out of them.I have also noticed that when certain operators get into abit of a dissagreement that you let it continue until maximun damage is done and then lock up the post. Is this for you and your friends entertainment as your last post was at 1130pm on a Friday night.
    EPT Poker

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    LandoCalrisian Guest

    Default Re: Will someone explain?

    I have it on good authority that there is no monetary gain from moderating these forums.

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    bigfatbastard Guest

    Default Re: Will someone explain?

    The obvious lack of accuracy in your statement, even for someone with
    a whole "1" posts, is quite astounding, but then again you clearly must
    have your own barrow to push. So be it, but at least be fair and honest
    with yourself.
    Remember, the ridiculous is, by definition, worthy of ridicule, and there
    are many who are eminently worthy of such treatment. The idea is not
    to be ridiculous in the first place.
    Strongplay does what I feel to be a good job, for the most part, worth
    at least what he is (not) paid for doing so - perhaps double! He can be a
    bit terse at times, but on those occasions people should ask themselves
    "why", and then all - or most - will become much clearer. It is usually very
    easy to work out the reasons and sustance of what is either explicity
    stated or implicitly meant.
    Heck, I think I even recall him saying he was wrong once - just once!


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    Malys Guest

    Default Re: Will someone explain?

    Quote Originally Posted by EPT POKER View Post
    There is a section provided for pub poker operators on this website for that information
    Home - When people get a group of mates and play some poker at home. Since we are a fairly unsociable bunch, we struggle to fill all the seats at the home game, and try and get some pokernetworkers to play so that they feel they have friends.

    Club - Before the pub poker operators, there were a few poker clubs in NSW, SA, VIC, and probably the other states. APA is probably the one that i know the most about.

    They would set up games for their members to come down. Obviously see above in regards to friendship.

    If you are trying to attract people to your games, Whining on a forum isn't going to help your case for the players on here who might want to play for your league.

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    Strong Play Guest

    Default Re: Will someone explain?

    A few points about my position here... and, for what it's worth, I dont feel I have to defend myself, because I simply dont care what you people think (you people = graham bernard), and I happen to be in a literary mood, so why not take advantage right?

    1. I receive no compensation whatsoever, financial or otherwise, for my services towards this site.

    2. I truly do not (repeat, 100% DO NOT) care if one pub poker provider is better/worse/the same as another; I have no vested interest in any game currently being operated, nor have I had a vested interest in any game operating whilst I have been a moderator of this forum; nor do I intend to have a vested interest in any game (aside from playing in such) at any time in the future.

    3. I stand to gain absolutely nothing from moderating the home/club games forum, positively, negatively, or otherwise.

    4. I had a lengthy discussion with Admin on the topic raised here, and the determination of that discussion was that the general demeanour of many posters in the Home/Club Games forum was unacceptable. Admin shortly after issued a blanket warning to ALL contributors that continued behaviour of the sort would be punishable by disabling of accounts.

    5. The only account that I have observed (and indeed, to my knowledge, that Admin has observed) in continual contravention of this warning, was the "Diplomatic Immunity" account.

    As I say, it is of no concern to me WHATSOEVER what anyone thinks of my administering of the policies set out by Admin in this regard; or, as it happens, in any regard.

    The notion that my actions as regards the good order of this Noticeboard are driven by matters personal are laughable, for the reasons above, and anyone who has a genuine concern about such are all more than welcome to discuss these with me in person at an appropriate time (I am scarcely difficult to locate).

    I have never been able to understand why contributors to this part of the Forum appear hellbent on deriding others in attempts to benefit their own games/organisation; rather than looking at the positives they carry first - however, that is not my concern.

    What IS my concern, is that all operators who follow the guidelines set out in posting in this forum are allowed to do so without fear of slander/derision/otherwise from other operators; and, as such, here we are.

    I will go no further into this matter unless Admin sees fit that I so do; suffice to say that I am of the opinion that my motives in this regard are wholly toward the continued success of the Forum (both the home/clubgames sub-forum and greater); and that notions otherwise can/must be taken up with me directly, as I am more than content to field them should they arise.


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