Aussies Online: Dave789111, Bazooka87 Blow Them Away

Posted at 11:46 2010-03-16

It’s been a busy week for Aussies online with Full Tilt’s MiniFTOPS powering through the first ten events of a 27 fixture card the extends into next week. PokerNetwork members have taken to the felt in droves for the popular low-stakes tournament series, but it looks like the big win has eluded them thus far.

While the Aussies might be spewing about their form on FTP, one man ironically may not. Dominic ‘The Spewtard’ Coombe bounced back into the online picture with a lofty $20,686 win in Full Tilt Poker’s $75,000 guaranteed. The score pushes Coombe up into sixth in the Australian online poker rankings as he builds on a nice end to last year.

David “Dave789111” Allan was another Aussie celebrating a handy week. Allan pocketed a squidge more than $22,222 on the week. A pair of big runner-up finishes headlined his haul; with a second in the $11 rebuy on PokerStars chalking up $8,835, and a second in the $109 buyin adding another $7,534. A win unfortunately was not on the cards for Allan, but he couldn’t be disappointed with his four final tables.

Bazooka87 was in the thick of the action as well, picking up $13,548 for a handy couple of days work. While the office folk of the world cooled their heels over the weekend Bazooka87 went to work blasting out a freakish five table appearances, and a further two final table bubbles on his way to two third place finishes. He may be ruing not grabbing a win from the deep runs, but third place finishes in the $40,000 Guaranteed on PokerStars and the $30k Super Turbo on Full Tilt proved nothing to sneeze at.

Of course there is still 14 events to go at Mini-FTOPS and with the run of Aussie results of late, there’s a good chance we’ll be reporting a nice haul on one of the final tables in that series next Monday. Until then play good, and run good!

PokerStars Sunday Million
Buy-in: $200 + $15
Prize Pool: $1,937,400
Entrants: 9,687

1. Highway51 - $271,241.22
2. popimaiorca - $197,614.80
3. Soltari84 - $139,492.80
4. rakeinfools - $96,870
5. THE CUBE - $77,496
6. jfyjfy6 - $58,122
7. SingleFileD - $38,748
8. Snort4eva - $19,374
9. Klauss8s - $13,174.32

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee
Buy-in: $200 + $16
Prize Pool: $794,000
Entrants: 3,970

*1.-zoopreme- - $116,517.85
*2. Chris "brsavage" Savage - $109,017.85
3. Alex "TheAssassinato" Fitzgerald - $55,580
4. welshwizard9 - $43,828.80
5. pokerlogic1 - $32,871.60
6. shlomibh78 - $24,375.80
7. David Pham - $18,262
8. dwnbytheriver - $14,292
9. Tim "timkrank" Miles - $10,639.60

*denotes heads-up deal

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Aussies continue to perform well on the virtual felt! Aussies continue to perform well on the virtual felt!

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