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Posted at 20:37 2010-03-08

With a public holiday in Melbourne today, we were expecting a big turnout for the Monday morning mayhem but it appears that many preferred a good sleep in, or perhaps a road trip offline, rather than endure the many hours of pain, tilt and merciless frustration that is the norm when one plays a full Monday schedule of tournaments.

After a win during the week in a Full Tilt Hyper-Turbo for a lazy US$3k, Benn “Risk2DUpside” Skender kicked off the traditional Monday morning gogogogogo thread in the PNW forums with some photos of the alluring Sarah Jean Underwood! And Risk2DUpside led from the front as he added another win in the PokerStars $5 Rebuy with $25 addon for another US$1.8k, to reinforce that hard work does indeed pay off!

While others were crashing and burning in dramatic fashion, a couple of players continued their incredible runs with some big wins today.

Ben “CNT_CRUSHER” Delaney has been unstoppable recently, having taken his game to a whole new level, landing big scores with incredible regularity and today was no difference.  Ben took down the major tournament on the Entraction Network picking himself up a very tidy US$45,000. Well done to Ben on another fantastic result.

Another to grab a big win today was ANZPT Adelaide champ Rennie Carnevale. The PokerNetwork Player of the Month continued his top form as “steel144” took down the win over a 2,348-player field in the $32,000 Guaranteed event on Full Tilt Poker for a handsome US$11.5k.

Others to have a good week on the felt include Tony “Bond18” Dunst who picked up a win in the Full Tilt Poker $35,000 Guarantee for US$8.3k, Tom “tollgate” Grigg who also had a profitable Thursday with over US$12k in cashes including a win in the PokerStars $109 Second Chance, and Dominic “The Spewtard” Coombe who is in rare territory after picking up two victories on Wednesday in the Cake Poker $33 Rebuy for US$3k and also the Titan Poker $100 Rebuy for another US$11k.

The final mention from today’s tournaments goes to ‘JR_king60’. He was playing in his first ever Sunday 1/4 million today and finished a very respectable 1070th of the 35,000 starters picking up $71 for his trouble. This is no small feat. Hopefully ‘JR_king60’ can stay on his game and we will see more from him in future.

Full Tilt Poker $750k Guaranteed – 4,180 players ($836,000 prize pool)
1st shiftzerg - US$147,629
2nd kwickfishycake - US$89,368
3rd Luffy-san – US$58,520
4th actionjunky32 - US$45,980
5th cardlover69 – US$34,526
6th Miwa Iverson - US$25,581
7th MrAntoha – US$19,228
8th porkmastachi - US$15,048
9th Insomniac_pkr – US$11,202

64th zaphod_11 – US$1,212 (highest-placed Aussie)

PokerStars Sunday Million – 10,123 players ($2,024,600 prize pool)
1st MAE9690 - US$283,449
2nd camillo30 - US$206,509
3rd reelhugefish – US$145,771
4th asturiano - US$101,230
5th AA TURON AA – US$80,984
6th over.be - US$60,738
7th maestrocaggi – US$40,492
8th Lagerborg - US$20,246
9th adam eterno – US$13,767

23rd slidejob11 (Sydney) - US$4,251 (highest-placed Aussie)

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Aussies on fire on the virtual felt... Aussies on fire on the virtual felt...

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