Aussies Online: Not So Spewy In December

Posted at 15:19 2010-01-02

Dominic “The Spewtard” Coombe gatecrashed the Australian top ten at Christmas, much like those pesky relatives (or worse, in-laws) seem to do at your house around this time every year.

Coombe bolted out of the blue in December earning a Triple Crown, as well as putting together a pair of heads-up finishes in the Sunday Brawl.

Coombe would earn the Triple Crown just six days into the month with victories in the Ultimate Bet $8,000 Guaranteed, the Party Poker $12,000 Guaranteed, and his biggest win for the month in the Sunday Brawl at Full Tilt Poker. The win in the Brawl would ship The Spewtard his biggest career payday of $101,272 and secure the Triple Crown.

Just two weeks after being bestowed with one of online poker’s highest honours, Coombe decided to serve up an encore by going tantalising close to securing a second victory in the Sunday Brawl. He was beaten out heads up, but still earned $68,670 for his efforts.

In total his month he would tally a cool $190,887, far and away the best of any of the Aussies over the holiday season. Coombe’s career month sees him roll into the Australian top ten, now holding down eighth position, just one spot shy of former Australian number one Steve “StevoL” Leonard.

James “Andy_McLEOD” Obst earned $84,200 in December to move back up to second in the Australian rankings. Obst’s big score for the month came in the $55 rebuy on PokerStars, where he earned $37,731 for first.

It was a fitting result for Obst who just one week earlier had final tabled the same tournament, picking up $14,493 when he went out in fourth place. The New Year could see the former Australian number one earn back his top spot as he continues to mount pressure on the top-ranked “Kennl”.

Rayan “rkruok” Nathan put together a solid finale to a mediocre 2009. Nathan has floated out in the Australian rankings to twelfth place, after being a mainstay in the top ten for a long time.

He will likely find himself back in the top ten soon after putting together an $83,524 month in December. Two big rebuy scores were the staple of his month, cashing for $26,110 (first) and $21,903 (fourth) in the $109 rebuy on PokerStars.

After spending much of the year on the live tournament circuit Stewart “Juzlearnin” Scott has bounced back onto the online scene with some good form. The Party Poker ambassador took out $74,238 in cashes in a good month of online grinding.

Kennl finishes the year as the top ranked Australian player, as well as Australia’s overall points champion for 2009. Andy_McLEOD has moved into second and is looking poised to strike for the top spot in 2010, while Brendon “BrendonR” Rubie sits in third.

Australia’s top three coming into 2009 – Jay “Seabeast” Kinkade, Steve “StevoL” Leonard and Jonathan “xMONSTERxDONGx” Karamalikis have all slipped down the rankings during the year. Seabeast held a strangle hold at the top for the vast majority of the year, but now looks as though he has gone into tournament retirement again, after taking a month off, and removing himself from the leaderboard once again. xMONSTERxDONGx has spent much of the year in the mid-top ten range, and finds himself in fifth at the moment, while StevoL has plunged to seventh amongst a fairly competitive scene.

Australia ends the year with just one entry in the world top 100. That honour is held by Andy_McLEOD at 83rd. January is expected to be a quiet month online with the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure and the Aussie Millions holding court in the poker world. Expect good things from the Australian online guys in 2010, not just on the virtual felt, but also in the various live circuit events.

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Aussies Online in December Aussies Online in December

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