Full Tilt Poker Launch Multi-Entry Tournaments

Posted at 09:19 2011-01-12

Full Tilt Poker have always been one of the great innovators of the online poker world. Creations such as Matrix Sit ‘n Go’s, Cashout Tournaments and the ever-popular Rush Poker format have brought a whole new level to the game to disprove the theory that No Limit Holdem is stale.

Well, they’ve done it once again with the introduction of Multi-Entry Tournaments. Yes, it’s true. Finally Josh Field, Sorel Mizzi and Justin Bonomo have a tournament format to call their own.

How does it work? Well, as the name suggests you are allowed to buy-in multiple times into the one tournament. You can choose to do this at the start of the tournament, or use it as a second chance, similar to a rebuy, if you bust out early. Your multiple entries will never play on the same table, and if you have more entries in the tournament than there are tables, then your entries will merge so that this situation never occurs. It is possible to have two or more entries reach the money, but you’ll never have multiple entries on the final table. There is also a maximum number of entries allowable. This varies for each tournament, and will be displayed in the tournament lobby.

You can keep track of the progress of all of your entries in the tournament lobby with the handy “Show My Entrants” check box at the top of the player list.

Will poker ever be the same again? It seems with all of the new innovations, formats and novelties that traditional poker may never be the same again. Is this a good thing for poker? Some of our PNW members have discussed this evolution in our forums.

If you’re interested in trying out the new Multi-Entry Tournament format then you can download Full Tilt Poker here, then head to the tournament lobby and look out for the new Multi-Entry icon listed against the tournaments.

It certainly looks like another winner for Full Tilt and we’re sure plenty of fun will be had with the new Multi-Table Tournament format.

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The only place to play Multi-Entry Tournaments is at Full Tilt Poker The only place to play Multi-Entry Tournaments is at Full Tilt Poker

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