Shavin Abdine Wins APL Grand Slam!

Posted at 16:12 2009-08-26
The 2009 APL Wild Turkey Grand Slam has been run and won, with Shavin Abdine crowned champion after two exciting days of play, and a two-hour long heads-up battle.
Abdine from New South Wales had to fight tooth and nail to beat out Victoria’s Aaron Peterson with the lead changing hands at least half a dozen times before the final hand that saw Abdine’s {kh}{7h} hold up against Peterson’s {9d}{6c}.
It was an interesting end to the tournament that saw the average stack at less than ten big blinds for the majority of the final table, meaning the action was plentiful. Heads up was expected to be short and sweet, but actually made up almost half of the four and a half hours of the final table’s duration.
Earlier in the evening Abdine and Peterson joined Mona Isaac, Michael Mifsud, Robert Sylvester, Alex Sandys, Keith Christian, and Raymond Eid in being named to the 2010 Team APL to compete at the World Series. The sponsorship on Team APL was apart of their prizes for finishing in the top eight of the tournament, with each player taking home at least $13,000 cash as well.
In addition to the cash and sponsorship Abdine took home a cup and bracelet to commemorate his achievement.
The 19 year old Abdine won’t be able to join Team APL at the World Series next year, but he will more then likely use his sponsorship at the 2010 Aussie Millions or the 2009 APPT Sydney.
In total 599 players came to the felt, and in addition to the players, a sizeable crowd filled the poker room each day to sweat all the action from the rail. When the final ten players assembled a crowd of around 150 surrounded the tournament rail, along with a packed Las Vegas room bar that cheered all the action as it screened on the televisions throughout the room.
The 2009 Wild Turkey Grand Slam proved popular with the players and fans alike and the APL is already keenly anticipating the 2010 edition.
2009 Wild Turkey Grand Slam Final Table
1st       $75,000 AUD Shavin Abdine
2nd      $30,000 AUD Aaron Peterson
3rd       $25,000 AUD Alex Sandys
4th       $20,000 AUD Keith Christian
5th       $15,000 AUD Mona Isaac
6th       $14,000 AUD Raymond Eid
7th       $13,000 AUD Robert Sylvester
8th       $12,000 AUD Michael Mifsud
9th       $11,000 AUD Stephen Violi
10th     $10,000 AUD Jason Quarmby


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Shavin Abdine Wins APL Wild Turkey Grand Slam! Shavin Abdine Wins APL Wild Turkey Grand Slam!

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