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Ruling off the books

December 23 2010

Written by risk2Dupside



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Well, my poker year is officially over, and tonight I'm hopping in a plane to Western Australia and not coming back until early in the New Year :) I figure my last entry for the year should reflect on how the year has gone and what my plans are for 2011 - as a result this post will probably read as more self-indulgent than usual so I apologise in advance.

I started off the year unbacked, but after a downswing realised that the stakes I'd moved down to were not going to be enough to provide me with the chance of ever moving back up after taking out living expenses. I was profitable enough in midstakes to warrant getting backed so after having discussions with a bunch of people I switched over in March and played out the rest of the year under a backer, and our arrangement has gone really smoothly.

Here's some graphs and my Sharkscope stats for MTTs for the entire year; I think it understates my expenses on rebuys but I haven't included SNG profits so in raw number terms it works out pretty close. I made money every month except July (-10k) and October (-4k), but as you can probably see from the graphs that made for one very decent breakeven stretch. In fact the graph itself speaks volumes about the variance in the game and how a few thousand MTTs is really an irrelevant sample size from which to draw many conclusions.

Through this stretch I won 27 tournaments:

Stars: 5quad (twice), 5r25a (six times), 8.80/12k turbo, 11cubed, 22 sixmax, 16.50/360 cap, 23.45 hyper, 109 turbo, nightly 70k, 27.50/25k

FTP: 10r/15k, 55/12.5k, 26/15k, 26/28k, 129/35k, 75/40k, Big Double A (twice)

UB: 44/4k, 44/7k, 66/10k

With some other notable finishes being a 3rd in the Monday fuper for 30k and 9th in the FTP 750k for 10k (win that flip for the chiplead with 14 left and this graph looks way better lol).

Also here's what my average sessions look like profit-wise over 210 sessions played backed...if you're considering playing full time, get used to losing most days...

...not hard to tell I was an equity analyst in a previous life eh ;)

As for next year, I feel like my endgame is way better now than it was through the year so I'm really confident I will be doing a lot better at getting to the final table with a stack and closing stuff out. I also plan on playing a little higher, especially in terms of soft stuff that I didn't play consistently (I often only played one nightly 163/162, didn't always play the full range of majors), and also more stuff on UB/Party which I really only started playing in the last month or so. Really in that sense this year's playing schedule was far from optimal. I am also really keen to start playing cash a little more consistently next year. Also for those of you that have had coaching from me or expressed interest in it, I'll still be doing a session or two a week and look forward to working with you.

Unfortunately I got the call yesterday afternoon from 16th Street and I didn't make the cut for next year's intake :( I am a little bummed about this, but I received some very constructive feedback about my performance and rather than go back to Verve where I got accepted earlier in the year, I think I'll do some of the side courses at 16th Street instead and really work on the areas that need improving. Until those come up, I need to give some thought to how I can use that time to pursue other non-poker interests so that my weeks aren't just 100% poker. Of course I will have plenty of time to mull this over while I spend the next week or two lying in the sun at the beach all day ;)

Finally, thanks to everyone that reads my blog, especially those that pop up on the rail occasionally to say hi, and the readers that have become strong competition on Words With Friends (mattybee24 and Tony S). I hope that I've kept it interesting enough and if anyone has any ideas of stuff they want me to write about/not write about next year I'll definitely take it on board. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

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