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Written on Thu, 20/01/2011 - 8:24pm

Recap of Opening Event and 1100 Six-Max

Hey guysWell my online schedule has been massively disrupted thanks to Aussie Mills events screwing with my sleep patterns, so I have barely grinded at all in the last few days but thought I'd recap on how I went in both the Opening Event and 1100 sixmax events.

Written on Tue, 18/01/2011 - 1:39pm

Aussie Mills tho!

Hey all! Well the first week back has been uneventful, made a few final tables (Party 109, FTP 75 early antes) but no real scores to report. A bunch of us did a big hand history review last night which, while it had me up really late, was great to get some sharp minds together and start discussing spots. There won't be too much online play to post about for the rest of the month though, the next three weeks of bloggage is all about the Aussie Millions.

Written on Tue, 18/01/2011 - 1:13pm

Kicking off 2011

Welcome to 2011 everyone! I hope you all had a good break and are ready to crush whatever you do this year :) Yes this is a cross-post from my old blog, going forward I will be posting here at PokerNetwork :)

Written on Mon, 10/01/2011 - 4:12am

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!

Welcome to 2011 everyone! I hope you all had a good break and are ready to crush whatever you do this year :) My holiday was fantastic, exactly what I needed really. I spent a little over two weeks...

Written on Thu, 23/12/2010 - 1:45pm

Ruling off the books

Well, my poker year is officially over, and tonight I'm hopping in a plane to Western Australia and not coming back until early in the New Year :) I figure my last entry for the year should reflect...

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